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You Won’t Need PlayStation Plus for Rocket League Once It Goes Free-to-Play

Psyonix shared plans for Rocket League’s forthcoming free-to-play venture several weeks ago. However, one big question was left unanswered at the time. Will PS4 and Switch users still need PlayStation Plus and Nintendo Switch Online to enjoy Rocket League’s online features once free-to-play launches? The answer is simple. No, these services will not be required.

A recent blog post on Rocket League’s website confirmed as much in a section designated “Other Things to Know.” The post is replete with several other details, too; however, none specify when free-to-play will go live. But Psyonix did note free-to-play will arrive shortly after the mid-September update gets up and running.

While Psyonix is preparing a smooth free-to-play transition for existing Rocket League players, the studio also promises to make things easier for soon-to-be newcomers. Thus, players who fire up the game for the first time once free-to-play drops will gain access to a “new experience,” a tutorial that helps newcomers become familiar with the playing field. According to the blog post, this tutorial will emphasize teaching HUD-related basics and the button layout. Additionally, new players can look forward to unlockable New Driver Challenges, which were available in Rocket League’s base version.

A host of other changes are also on the horizon. Once the mid-September update launches, for example, Rocket ID will adopt the Epic Friends moniker. Players shouldn’t have to fiddle with the settings too much, though. Friends from Rocket ID will automatically transfer to the new Epic Friends model.

The update is set to introduce the following, as well:

  • New Quick Chats Incoming!

    • Faking.

    • Bumping!

    • On your left.

    • On your right.

    • Passing!

  • Default settings are changing for incoming players. Voice Chat will be disabled by default, and L2 (PS4), LT (Xbox), ZL (Switch) will default to Air Roll.

  • Heatseeker will be playable in private matches.

  • New bot difficulty under Rookie.

  • Merc is getting a new, unique hitbox, for a total of six hitbox types.

  • Rocket League X Monstercat remixes of fan-favorite songs will be added celebrating the music’s legacy throughout the years.

  • Solo Standard Playlist will be removed following Competitive Season 14.

Psyonix has yet to unveil a release date for when exactly Rocket League will go free-to-play. However, it should launch shortly after the mid-September update goes live.

[Source: Rocket League Website]