Anda seat fnatic review gaming chair

Anda Seat Fnatic Gaming Chair Review – Sitting Pretty Comfy

For those of us that spend a lot of time sitting in front of a PC—whether we are gaming or writing up news and reviews—on what we rest our bottoms can go a long ways to determining our overall comfort. Gaming chairs have evolved over the years, and comfort has become one of the leading features. They really aren’t just for gaming, as I have been using one for a couple years now as my main office chair. When the folks over at Anda Seat reached out asking if I wanted to check out their newest edition, the Anda Seat Fnatic, I couldn’t possibly say no.

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Anda Seat Fnatic Gaming Chair Review – Some Assembly Required

The chair ships in a pretty big box that weighs in around 70lbs, and that is a testament to how well built this chair is once assembled. I started by opening the box and laying everything out. It ships with a small Allen wrench that is two sided and is the only tool you need to put this thing together. I cheated and broke out my 1/4 inch ratchet set that has an Allen adapter included, but know that all the tools are included in the box if you don’t have any of your own. From opening the box to a fully assembled chair ready for my bottom took less than 30 minutes.

The assembly instructions are pretty straightforward and in several languages, with images and identifications to make sure you put the proper bolts in the proper places. The bolt packaging is also well labeled and, combined with the instruction manual, made the process as painless as possible. At first glance, with everything laid out, it may look like a daunting task, but all-in-all it was a pretty simple chair to assemble.

Anda Seat Fnatic Gaming Chair Review – Good Looking Chair, and Comfy Too

I assembled the chair a little over a week ago and have been using it exclusively since. My bottom is firmly and comfortably planted in it right now as I type this, and I see no reason to go back to my old chair. The chair uses memory foam for its headrest and lumbar support, as well as cold-cured and super high-density foam for your bottom and back. This makes for a very comfortable chair that you can easily spend hours in when needed. The wheels on the bottom and adjustable reclining feature also help  make the chair easy to move around and comfortable.

The chair is designed so that people of all sizes can comfortably sit in it, with max height rated at 7′ 1″ and max weight rated at 441lbs. This is no tiny chair, but luckily for me the arm rests can be adjusted during the assembly to better fit someone that’s not quite that large. I’m no little guy myself, but I’m not 7 feet tall and 440 pounds of man. The lumbar support also works as a filler behind you to make up for the extra depth of the chair, and the memory foam is really soft.

Anda Seat Fnatic Gaming Chair Review – 4D Arm Rests?

When I first read “4D Arm Rests” in the literature I was intrigued. Could they be the gateway to another dimension? Could this dimension be the answer to the problems of this crazy year? Sadly, the answer was no. It just means the arm rests can be manipulated in a bunch of different ways (specifically four) so as to make the chair easier to use for you.

I already mentioned how the arm rests can be adjusted for width during the assembly, but these “4D” adjustments are for once you are finished and need to position the rests for actual use. You can raise them up or down 4″, rotate them slightly, move them in towards the seat, and extend them out up to 3″. This should give most people enough range of motion to position them to suit their physical needs. It works well for me as I can rest my elbows on them as I type this while sitting comfortably.

Anda Seat Fnatic Gaming Chair Review – Great Chair but a Little Pricey

Gaming chairs can range in price from under $100 upwards to $800 or more. Office chairs can easily double or triple that price, depending on the brand, if you are willing to shell out the bucks. You have to keep in mind that when it comes to most gaming and/or office chairs, you generally get what you pay for. Chairs may look similar on the outside, but underneath all that padding you may find two totally different pieces of equipment.

Anda only sent me one chair, so I’m not going to rip it apart and see what’s underneath it, but I have seen enough videos online of cheaper chairs disassembled to know what they look like underneath. Most aren’t using powder coated steel tubing and probably wont last you for many years down the road. There’s a reason why this chair weighed 70+ pounds in the box, and that steel is a big part of it.

The Anda Seat Fnatic Gaming Chair retails for $599.99, and while that may seem like a lot, if you are bigger than average, the price is well worth it. This is a high quality chair, built to last you a long time.

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