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Cliff Bleszinski Says Releasing LawBreakers on PS4 Instead of Xbox One Was a Mistake

LawBreakers creator Cliff Bleszinski has said that releasing the doomed game on the PlayStation 4 instead of Xbox One was a “mistake.”

In a Facebook note reflecting upon the shuttered Boss Key Productions, Bleszinski said that he had an existing fanbase within the Xbox community, many of whom revere him for his work on the beloved Gears of War franchise. He also said that he should have made a “small” indie game first.

I equate the studio’s cratering to multiple issues, kind of like when a plane goes down there are often cascading issues that contribute to the crash. We should have started with a small, indie game FIRST before trying to make the shooter we ultimately did. Hell, I initially wanted it to be a simple arena shooter like UT and Quake 3 but everyone in the studio was so obsessed with MOBAs at the time I had to throw my hands up and say ‘go for it, this might add some cool depth.’

Bleszinski added that he did his best to differentiate LawBreakers from Overwatch but the influx of hero-based shooters at the time didn’t help. Gearbox Software’s Battleborn met a similar fate, although it lasted longer than LawBreakers.

Interestingly, Bleszinski also pinned some blame on publisher Nexon for “lackluster” marketing, which he said is “putting it lightly.” Nexon previously termed LawBreakers a loss and attributed its failure to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

As far as Radical Heights is concerned, Bleszinski said that the game wasn’t unique enough to stand out among other battle royale games.

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[Source: Cliff Bleszinski (Facebook)]