PlayStation Camera Adaptor for PS5 Packaged in New PlayStation VR Bundles in Japan

PlayStation VR works with PlayStation 5, Sony confirmed previously. However, PS4’s Camera requires an adaptor for playing PSVR titles on PS5, and the new PS5 Camera will not function with PSVR. According to Sony, all PSVR owners will gain access to the adaptor for free. Unfortunately, the company has yet to clarify how players will obtain one. In Japan, there does exist some sort of answer, though. New PSVR bundles in the region are to come packaged with the PS4 Camera adaptor for PS5.

A post on the Japanese PlayStation Blog details information about two brand-new PSVR bundles. One package includes the headset, PS4 Camera, PlayStation VR Worlds, and the adaptor. The other bundle packs in the adaptor, four games, two Move Controllers, headset, and PS4 Camera. Both packages go on sale in Japan on October 29th. See the two bundles pictured below:

PlayStation Camera Adaptor

PlayStation Camera Adaptor

This is all well and good, but neither the Japanese audience nor anyone else in the world has any idea of how to get the adaptor if they already own the headset and corresponding accessories for PS4. Sony Japan somewhat addresses this in the blog post, telling readers (via Google Translate) to “please wait for future updates on how to provide the adaptor and how to apply it for customers who already own PSVR.”

Why the console manufacturer remains silent about the matter is anyone’s guess. It’s a little concerning given that PlayStation 5 arrives in less than one month’s time. But at least the bundles in Japan indicate that Sony will soon offer further details.

The PS5 hits store shelves in North America and Japan on November 12th.

[Source: PlayStation Blog Japan via Upload VR]