Artist Shares Elden Ring Concept Art From E3 2019 Trailer

Artist Gabriel Björk Stiernström recently shared concept art from Elden Ring‘s E3 2019 trailer via a pair of now-deleted posts on Reddit and his official ArtStation profile.

Don’t expect any revelations. The image above and those below are essentially crumbs for hungry fans in the absence of official information. Without further ado, check them out.

Stiernström added a disclaimer to clarify that these screenshots are from the work that he personally did on the trailer on behalf of Digic Pictures, which was responsible for the video.  He also said that he has no knowledge of Elden Ring‘s development. Stiernström wrote:

Most of these were made for internal discussion at Digic Pictures between the Art Director, Director, Producer and Leads. When they were happy with something they would then share those concepts with the client. In the end FromSoftware would more or less provide us with most of the concept art in any case. I received a brief for each task, but ideas change during production and so does the brief. Sometimes a brief is very clear and other times it’s open for interpretations. We try to provide our expertise regarding how we can convey the clients wanted mood and style through lighting, animation, composition, camera angles, focal lengths, colors etc. You can read into the concept art as much as you like, but I really have no knowledge of the game.

It’s unclear why Stiernström removed the posts, but as some users have suggested, it could be due to a potential NDA violation.

[Source: Reddit via ResetEra]