Defiance and Defiance 2050 Servers Close in April, Cash Purchases Already Disabled

Trion Worlds has announced the servers for Defiance and Defiance 2050 will close on April 29. As is par for the course when servers are closed for online games, all cash purchases have now been disabled, although players can still use any items and currency they’ve already purchased until the game closes.

The decision to close the servers was made because “both games could no longer sustain themselves”, and once the servers close at the end of April, the game will be unplayable. Cash purchases were disabled on February 24, but all Bits players have already purchased can be spent until April 29. To help players spend those, all in-game items in the Defiance Store have had their Bit price reduced by 95%. All players will also be able to make use of the item giveaways, as well as the server boosts for Skill, Reputation, and Experience Points. Finally, there will be server events in both games held every 1-2 weeks.

The news doesn’t come as too much of a shock. After all, Defiance was initially intended to run alongside a TV series of the same name, with new content introduced into the game after each episode was aired. After releasing with server issues and other bugs, that content was delayed. Dwindling player figures eventually saw the game switch to a free-to-play format and it has managed to survive for eight years.

On the other hand, the TV series lasted for three seasons before it was cancelled in 2015. The announcement of Defiance 2050 for PlayStation 4 then came as a bit of a surprise, releasing three years after the show was cancelled. This HD remaster of the game did bring along a few gameplay tweaks, but nothing that was able to sustain it for more than three years.

Players who wish to move on to one or more of publisher Gamigo’s other titles can make use of some welcome codes and free gifts to give new players a boost. The only console title amongst them is Trove, and players can use the code “THXANDSEEYOUINTROVE” until 11pm UTC on May 31, 2021. PC players also have codes for Desert Operations, ArcheAge, and ArcheAge Unchained. The free gifts will arrive through a newsletter sent to the e-mail attached to the player’s account.

[Source: Trion Worlds]