Raven Software Promises Change to the Controversial Roze Skin in Warzone

Warzone developer Raven Software is promising upcoming changes to the Roze skin that has been frustrating players since last year with the unfair advantages it provides players.

In a Twitter reply to a list of suggested quality of life fixes by famed Call of Duty pro, streamer, broadcaster, and current co-owner of 100 Thieves, Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, the developer said “Thanks for sharing this list. We want to reassure you, and the rest of the community, that we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the game.” Raven then put “An adjustment to Roze” as the first in a list of upcoming changes that we can probably expect to see at the start of Season Three next week.

Why Do Players Hate the Call of Duty: Warzone Roze Skin?

Call of Duty: Warzone’s assorted character skins are meant to be fun ways for players to express themselves in the massive free-to-play multiplayer game, but fans of the battle royal have been quite frustrated at one controversial skin that gives players quite the unfair advantage. The all-black Roze skin is exceptionally difficult to see among Warzone’s color palette, easily blending in to corners, shadows, and objects.

Roze was originally released in Modern Warfare and Warzone in July 2020 as part of the premium Roze Operator Bundle. With the launch of Season Five on August 5th, 2020, she received a new skin for players who reached level 100 in the paid track of the Battle Pass for the season. The “Rook” skin dresses Roze in all black from head to toe. She’s wearing a black mask with black face paint around the eyes, and a black infiltration suit with almost no features that add highlights or color in any way.

Because it was part of the Season Five Battle Pass, and only unlockable at the highest tier, it’s not currently possible for anyone who missed it to acquire the Rook skin for Roze. Players have been calling it a “pay to win” skin and an unfair advantage for anyone that does have it in their arsenal. It’s become a meme for the community over the past few months, but without an in-game fix, it’s still frustrating players, especially considering just how many different skins are available in Warzone now. It’s by far one of the most popular skins you’ll see if you play Warzone, creating a meta of players tending to camp unseen in shadowy dark areas.

How Raven intends to fix the Roze Rook skin complaints is unknown at this point, but hopefully it will help increase the character’s visibility in most situations. In addition to the Roze fix, Raven promised a “significant balance pass” to adjust the weapon meta and a few other fixes that should shake up some of the bigger exploits the game has right now, including issues with sniper glint (and the lack thereof).

The rest of Dunlop’s extensive list of suggested fixes included things like making rocks easier to traverse, an FOV slider for console players, and fixes to the sound design to better be able to use footstep audio indicators. While Raven’s reply doesn’t directly address any of those things, it’s likely they’ve at least read and are aware of his suggestions (which are mirrored by much of the Call of Duty community).

With Season Three on the way next week, and rumors pointing to a pretty major event and shift for the game, Raven has been hard at work on sanding down some of Warzone’s rougher spots, including patching exploits and going after cheaters. The Roze Rook skin has been sticking out (or blending in) like a sore thumb for more than half a year now, and it’s nice to see the communities cries as they die to camping Roze’s finally being heard.

How do you think Raven should update the Warzone Roze skin? Change the look? Remove it from the game? Watch out for any camping Roze’s on your way to the comments below and let us know.