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Bayonetta 2 Director Leaves PlatinumGames After 13 Years

It’s unclear what he will be doing next, but we wish him the best.

Hideki Kamiya Would Still Like to Make an Okami 2, Work on Devil May Cry and Bayonetta

He’s not against working with Capcom

Bayonetta and Vanquish PS4 Ports Spotted on Czech Retailer

Exciting news if true.

PlatinumGames Is Still Discussing Bayonetta 3

“We’re constantly talking about it.”

Hideki Kamiya Wants to Work on Bayonetta 3, Has Already Written Some Outlines

Will it be an exclusive this time?

Platinum Games Releases an Addictive Bayonetta 8-Bit Game

Can you beat my lousy 2,000 point score?

Japanese Sales Chart: PS4 Falls to Under 9,000, Bayonetta 2 for Wii U Debuts in Third

Destiny did best on PS3.

Platinum Games President: “You’ll see us on the PS4 Eventually,” “Bayonetta Didn’t Sell What we Wanted it to Sell”

Now if only we could see Bayonetta 2 on the PlayStation 3.

Bayonetta Attacks the PSN This Tuesday in North America, Wednesday in Europe

At long last, you can digitally own the game.

Bayonetta Trophies – Trophy List

Main Game Trophies: A Mother’s Love (Bronze) Defend Cereza during the outRead the full article…

Platinum Games Director Would Rather do Viewtiful Joe 3 Before a Bayonetta Sequel

Henshin a Go-Go Baby!

Lead Combat Designer on Reckoning Likens Game’s Combat to Bayonetta and God of War

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is set to release tomorrow and positive buzzRead the full article…

Lead Programmer on Bayonetta Serving as Director of Metal Gear Rising

Kenji Saito, the man responsible for heading up the programming team behindRead the full article…

Bayonetta Sequel Likely to be Announced at TGS

Sega’s over-the-top action game starring a scantily clad female may see aRead the full article…

Hideki Kamiya Hints at Bayonetta 2 Reveal

It looks like SEGA and Platinum Games may have a big announcementRead the full article…

Mathilda from Anarchy Reigns Shows Some Bayonetta Inspired Sexiness

Platinum Games has been on a roll recently with big titles suchRead the full article…

Bayonetta Wants to Get Down and Dirty with Soulcalibur

Although the next Soulcalibur title is as early in production as aRead the full article…

SEGA Publishing Another Platinum Games Title; Hints at Bayonetta 2

Could we see more of the sexy heroine?

Platinum Games Would “Love to Make” Bayonetta Sequel

Platinum Games has already left several hints that a Bayonetta sequel isRead the full article…

‘Vanquish’ Bayonetta for Free With This Killer Pre-Order Deal

Shinji Mikami’s take on Third-Person Shooters, Vanquish, looks to take the slow-paced feel of the genre and upgrade the speed and action to the nth degree. Don’t believe me? Go download the demo off the PSN or read our Hands-on impressions. For those of you who have already fallen in love with the game, Play.Com is offering a stellar pre-order that you shouldn’t miss!