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Resident Evil 0 Remaster Sold North of 800,000 Copies, According to Capcom

Publisher estimates current-gen console count will reach 100 million by 2020.

Capcom Reiterates That Street Fighter V Isn’t Free-to-Play

It really isn’t.

Capcom to Announce Something Street Fighter-Related “Soon”

Prepare for Ultra Super Street Fighter IV Remix Dash Champion Edition or will it be for Street Fighter V?

Capcom President Sounds-Off On Motion Controls

As most of us have probably expected, the idea of motion controlsRead the full article…

Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono Working on Unannounced Game,

Another PS4 game from Capcom will be announced at some point soon.

Street Fighter V in Development, Capcom Looking Into “Pay-for Advantage” System for New Players (Update)

Ultra Super Street Fighter V Championship Turbo Edition incoming.