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playstation 3 price

PlayStation 3 Price Reveal was a ‘Horrifying Moment,’ Says SIE President

$600 is definitely a horrifying price.

ps5 release date

PlayStation 4 Closes in on PlayStation 3, Hits 76 Million Units Sold

Will it beat the PS2?

PlayStation 3 Production Ends in Japan

‘Twas good while it lasted.

PlayStation Now Dropping PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 & More in August 2017

They’re shifting the focus to PS4 and PC.

2011’s PlayStation 3 Ad Director is in Talks for Mortal Kombat Movie Reboot

Simon McQuoid might take charge.

PS3 Class Action Lawsuit

Fat PlayStation 3 Class Action Lawsuit Regarding Other OS Has Reached a Settlement

You could receive $55 for your grievance.

Bungie Explains How Destiny Changes for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Players

Check out the requirements if you’re upgrading to PS4.

15 PlayStation 3D Platformers That You Need to Play

Jump Around!

PlayStation 3 Exclusive Dust 514 is Now a “Profitable Business” for CCP Games

“Thousands” of new players joining daily.

Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.16 Makes GTA Online Unplayable on PlayStation 3 12GB Systems

Time to upgrade your memory!

PornHUB Gets Most of Its Console Traffic From PlayStation 3

PlayStation Vita surprised us.

The Swapper to be Curve Digital’s “Last Big PlayStation 3 Game”

They’ll focus on PS4 and PS Vita from now on.

Ubisoft Hasn’t Forgotten Assassin’s Creed PlayStation 3 Players

PlayStation 3 owners need not worry.

Entwined Coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita Soon

Always together, forever apart.

Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis Hunts the PlayStation 3 This Summer

Get ready to play as James Lee Quatermain.

Ar nosurge North American Release Date on PlayStation 3 Confirmed

Arrives just before Europe gets it.

Report: The DualShock 4 Now Works Wirelessly on PlayStation 3

You just need to follow a few steps.

Report: LittleBigPlanet 3 Also Coming to PlayStation 3

This makes me want to hit down on the d-pad twice.

EA Explains Why EA Sports UFC is Not Coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

EA Sports UFC assistant producer Jazz Brousseau speaks out on their “gamble” to only release on PS4 and Xbox One.