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PlayStation Move Games That Are Actually Worth Playing

No, really. There were some good ones.

Until Dawn Behind the Scenes: Creative Director Recounts PlayStation Move Beginnings & Evolution for PS4

PlayStation Move beginnings, to third-person horror!

Project Morpheus Has “Massive Amounts of Support,” Won’t Turn Out Like PlayStation Move

The future of PlayStation Move also briefly discussed.

LittleBigPlanet 3 PS4 and PS3 Versions “Mostly Identical,” Both Compatible With PlayStation Move

No updates for LittleBigPlanet HUB; Run, Sackboy, Run! delayed on PS Vita.

Omega Quintet to be the First PS4 Retail Game to Use the PlayStation Move

Battle enemies and plan music videos!

Yoshida: PlayStation Move Was “A Bit Ahead of Its Time”

He doesn’t think people want another motion game right now.

SCEA’s John Koller on PlayStation Move: “I Wouldn’t Call it Dead”

Sony’s goal is to give you something you’ve never seen before.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Won’t Support the PlayStation Move on PS4 at Launch

Kevin Butler would be sad.

Enhancing PlayStation Move: DualPLAY’s Creator Talks Motion, Crowd Funding and Trying to be Truly 1:1

Motion control finally perfected…if all goes as planned.

DualPLAY Prototype Peripheral Actually Makes PlayStation Move Look Interesting

Wonderful technology, sort of a shame when you realize he’s holding $120+ in controllers.

Apparently the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Works With any Game

I’m totally gonna steer Kratos to vengeance.

GameStop Says The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Will Release On October 23rd

World doesn’t care.

Weird-Looking PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Delivers “Double The Accuracy of a DualShock”

Sony has said the PlayStation Move racing wheel peripheral, unveiling during E3,Read the full article…

Lollipop Chainsaw May Receive PlayStation Move Support

Grasshopper has said the developer aren’t ruling out PlayStation Move support forRead the full article…

Portal 2 to Receive PlayStation Move Support

Sixense Studios has announced they will be bringing PlayStation Move support toRead the full article…

Buy Sorcery, Get PlayStation Move Nav Controller on the Cheap

Everyone has their hopes set high on Sorcery to be the PlayStationRead the full article…

Epic Mickey 2 PS3 Box Art Shows Possible PlayStation Move Support

New box art included in a retailer listing for Epic Mickey 2:Read the full article…

Sony’s Fergal Gara on the PlayStation Move: “We Could Have Done a Better Job”

No one can really deny the fact that Sony’s motion technology hasRead the full article…

PlayStation Move Sells 10.5 Million Units

At a PlayStation Move Conference at the ongoing Game Developer’s Conference, SonyRead the full article…

New PSN Game For PlayStation Move, Datura, Announced

A new PSN title for PlayStation Move has been announced by theRead the full article…