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psn down

PSA: PlayStation Network Briefly Undergoing Maintenance This Week

Wednesday, August 1.

echo release

Sci-Fi Puzzler ECHO Releases This Week on PlayStation Network

Fight against an ever-evolving enemy.

Now Loading: What’s Your PlayStation Network Trophy Level?

The staff reveals all.

playstation inactive account

Sony Can Close Inactive PlayStation Network Accounts in Europe According to New Terms of Service

When was the last time you logged in?

DDoS Attackers Take Down Xbox Live, Threaten PlayStation Network

Sounds like last Christmas all over again.

Destiny’s Micro-Transactions Top PlayStation Network Add-On Chart

They might be controversial, but they’re certainly in demand.

PlayStation App Update Adds Ability to Scan and Enter PlayStation Network Cards

Android version of the update also allows the PS Store to be opened through the app.

Sony: PlayStation Network Brand Now “Encompasses Games, TV, Video & Music Services”

Could Apotheon be a PlayStation Plus free game next month?

eBay Black Friday Weekend Deal: Get $50 PlayStation Network Cards for $40


Ask PSLS: The Current State of the PlayStation Network

Ask PSLS is NOT down for maintenance!

PlayStation Network Voucher Code Redemption Returning to Normal in North America

No update for Europe.

PlayStation Network Voucher Code Redemption Status Update for North America and Europe

We’re almost there it seems.

‘Redeem Voucher’ Option “Suspended” on the European PlayStation Network (Update: North America Also)

This means PlayStation Plus cards, money cards, and more won’t work.

Amazon Announces Digital PlayStation Network Store, $5 Free Code for PSN Credit on Select Purchases

Greatness awaits at Amazon too.

Real Boxing Comes to the PlayStation Vita This August Via the PlayStation Network

I always thought boxing was real, like wrestling.

Tomb Raider Digital Edition Bundle on the PlayStation Network is $29.99 Until Monday, April 29th

You get Quantum Conundrum for free.