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Rock Band Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With Songs From Past Games

Don’t fear the reaper.

European Rock Band DLC Exports Coming to PS4 in January

Get ready to rock!

Rock Band Rivals Rockudrama

Details on Rock Band 4 Expansion, Rock Band Rivals

You can still build this city on rock and roll.

Harmonix Says Rock Band 4 “Did Well,” Blames Mad Catz Loss on Poor Inventory Management

Mad Catz doesn’t believe Rock Band 4 was successful.

Rock Band 4 Publisher Mad Catz Suffers Huge Loss

Publisher must shed $8.3 million worth of inventory by September.

Rock Band 4 Online Multiplayer, Expansion Pack Coming Later This Year

More brand new features are on the way!

Two Battleborn Characters Playable Soon in Rock Band 4

Short-tempered “Thorn” and combat botanist “Miko.”

Harmonix Partners With PDP After Mad Catz Woes, Major Rock Band 4 Update Due This Fall

No word yet on what said feature update will include.

Rock Band 4 DLC for March Includes Tracks From One Direction, Fall Out Boy, Carrie Underwood & More

New tunes to jam to!

Rock Band 4 DLC This Week Includes Motörhead, April Update Will Add Setlists

Another leaderboard wipe is coming though.

Mad Catz to Cut 37 Percent of Staff in Light of Rock Band Hardware Sales Slump

Rock Band 4 sales missed internal expectations.

Rock Band 4 Update Today Wipes Leaderboard, New February DLC Revealed

Future updates expected monthly.

Rock Band 4 January Update Delayed to First Week of February

Thanks to the Overdrive bug.

Rock Band 1 Song Export Now Available for Rock Band 4 PS4 Players in North America

New DLC songs revealed.

Rock Band Developer Harmonix Addresses Reports of Layoffs

Only two employees were let go.

This Week’s Rock Band 4 DLC is Disturbed

“We’re looking into making all instruments compatible.”

New Rock Band 4 DLC on December 29 Includes Songs From Coldplay, Ellie Goulding & Weezer

Drag me down to the adventure of a lifetime.

Rock Band 4 Leaderboards Will Be Wiped in January Due to Overdrive Exploit

Harmonix will add fixes to individual songs throughout the spring.

Rock Band 4 Developer Putting Priority on Exports, Online Multiplayer “Very Much on the Table”

Expect the Rock Band 1 export in January.