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Medievil ps4 remaster remake

Sony to Break Silence on MediEvil PS4 Remaster in the “Next Week or Two”

It’s been nearly a year since we heard about Sir Dan’s resurrection.

PSN Message Hack

Sony is “Aware of” and Plans to Resolve the PSN Message Glitch With a System Update

This software update can’t come fast enough.

playstation plus netflix

Sony is Giving Free Netflix to Select PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Three months of Netflix out of nowhere is a pretty solid perk.

PS4 and TV

Sony Sues Hacker Over Jailbroken PlayStation 4s

Sony bought one of his consoles.

ps4 cross play

Sony Explains Why Enabling PS4 Cross-Play Took This Long, Says It’s Unlike ‘Flipping a Switch’

Sony had to look at things from technical and business viewpoints.

castlevania requiem sony partnership

Is Sony Collaborating with Konami on Castlevania Requiem?

These ports might be unique!

fortnite cross play

Sony Is Finally Opening the Doors to Fortnite Cross-Play

It finally happened.

marvels spider-man ps4 sales

Spider-Man Has Dethroned Kratos as the Fastest-Selling Sony Title

Sony should kick the guy some extra rent money.

psvr motion sickness

Sony Filed Patent to Detect and Combat Motion Sickness in PlayStation VR

Biometric sensors, thermometers… it’s all very fancy.

Playstation Classic

Sony Announces PlayStation Classic, a Mini PS1 Loaded With 20 Games, Coming in December

Only five games have been announced so far.

Sony TGS Lineup

PlayStation Fans Rejoice, Sony Shares Its Full TGS 2018 Lineup

Sony is stepping up for TGS 2018.

sony spider-man ps4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Wouldn’t Exist Without Sony’s Support Says Creative Director

The stars all aligned for this adventure.

black ops 4 free

Buy Sony’s New Phone, Get Black Ops 4 for Free (in Europe)

You’ll still have to drop a ton of money, but still, free!

the midnight sanctuary release date

Sony Music’s UNTIES is Dropping The Midnight Sanctuary on PS4 and PSVR in October

UNTIES continues to develop a library of intriguing gaming content.

sony cross-play comments

Sony’s Kenichiro Yoshida Comments on Cross-Play

Sony continues to stay the course on cross-play.

wild arms million memories details

Wild Arms: Million Memories Brings Sony’s Western-ish RPG Series to Mobile

Hopefully we get more Wild Arms in general out of this.

Cross-Platform Play

Top Fortnite Streamer Ninja Says Sony Blocking PS4 Cross-Platform Play is ‘Greed’

“Don’t be the barrier to the future.”

PS4 Pro Limited Edition

Sony Celebrates 500 Million Systems Sold With Limited Edition PS4 Pro

A reasonable price for a beautiful piece of hardware.

God of War Sales

God of War Sales ‘Significantly Exceed’ Sony’s Expectations

God of War is, apparently, doing very well for Sony.

playstation 4 sales

Sony’s Shipped 82.2 Million PS4s, Will Soon Surpass PS3 Lifetime Sales

PlayStation 4 is on track to outsell the PS3 by year’s end.