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fallout 76 vehicles

Here’s Why You Can’t Use Fallout 76’s Cars

Driving and the Fallout experience wouldn’t mix well.

Subnautica PS4 Release Date

Subnautica Will Officially Make a Splash on the PS4 This December

See what’s below the surface.

Red Dead Redemption 2 walking simulator

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 a Walking Simulator?

Or a “moseying sim,” if you prefer.

Battlefield 5 update

Latest Battlefield V Update Restores Reviving and Stops Uneven Player Counts

This patch is much smaller than the day one update.

Limited Edition Physical Release of Enter the Gungeon Dodge Rolls Its Way Into Existence

The Bullet Kin beckon.

destiny connect ps4

Nippon Ichi’s Newest RPG IP is Destiny Connect

A striking change in the usual visual style for NIS.

Draugen game trailer

Draugen is Psychological Horror Through the Eyes of an Unreliable Narrator

Expect creepiness.

Overwatch Update patch notes ashe

Overwatch’s Ashe is Now Live on Consoles, Hero Changes and Bug Fixes Included in Update Patch Notes

You’ll need to reinstall the full game for this one.

Destiny 2 thunderlord

New Destiny 2 Quest Thunders in With a Familiar Location and Exotic From Destiny 1

And he sat upon a pale horse, and he brought with him electrically-charged death.

monster hunter movie images

Palico Will Be in the Monster Hunter Movie (Also, Military Ordinance)

A Paul W.S. Anderson take on Palico will be a sight to behold.

PlayStation Store Global Update – November 13, 2018

Come see what’s new in the PlayStation Store

assassins creed brotherhood of venice kickstarter

Assassin’s Creed Board Game Brotherhood of Venice Launched on Kickstarter and Was Quickly Funded

Was anyone worried this wouldn’t get funded?

latest gta online update

GTA Online CEOs Benefit in This Week’s Update

Do CEOs really need extra help?

my time at portia crafting

See How Crafty You Can Be in My Time at Portia

It looks like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon fans are in for a treat.

achtung cthulhu tactics

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics Brings Even More Lovecraftian Horror to the PS4

Watch out for tentacles.

The Forest PS4 review

The Forest Review – The Forest for the Trees (PS4)

The woods have eyes.