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Video Game Delays

10 Agonizingly Long Waits For Video Games

Sometimes the long wait isn’t even worth it.

Licensed Games – Negative Stigma and Facing an Uphill Battle

Toeing the line between loyalty and authorship.

Randy Pitchford Says Using PC Versions of Games to Make Trailers for Multiplatform Titles Is “Kind of a Trick”

“I get kind of concerned about how they’re representing the game.”

Randy Pitchford Doesn’t Regret Making Aliens: Colonial Marines, “Wouldn’t Trade That Experience for Anything”

Despite losing between $10 – $15 million of his own money.

Versus – Aliens: Colonial Marines Reveal vs. Reality

Possibly one of the biggest shams in gaming history, no?

Gearbox CEO Randy Pithford Invested $10 Million of His Own Money in Aliens: Colonial Marines

“I invested over $10m on top of Sega’s investment. Lost it all.”

Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit Was a “Huge Waste of Time,” Says Randy Pitchford

He believes the legal system was being manipulated.

Plaintiffs Drop Gearbox Software From Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit

Case no longer a class action suit.

SEGA Responds to Aliens Colonial Marines Lawsuit

Things are getting chippy.

Sega Ready to Settle Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit With $1.25m, Gearbox Fights On

Hopefully, lessons are learned.

Gearbox Responds to Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit

Gearbox contributed millions, they only used the Unreal engine, and more revealed.

Industry Deception: E3 Demos Versus Retail Reality

All that glitters is not gold — especially when it comes to game demos.

Tomorrow on US/CA PlayStation Plus: September 10th, 2013 – Call of Duty Discounts, Galaga Legions DX Free

Aliens: Colonial Marines game and DLC discounted.

Randy Pitchford on PS4 & Xbox One: “It’s an Amazing Race” Because “They Both Have Amazing Devices”

“Everything we’ve got in development is for next-gen.”

Hitman: Absolution Free on EU PS+ in May, Declassified Sale Starts Today

We’ve got the solution.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets Another PS3 Patch, Adds “Additional Safeguards to Better Protect Save Data” and More

Hunt those bugs with an adjusted aim assist.

February 2013 NPD Numbers Show Industry Down 25% as a Whole, Dead Space 3 was the #1 Selling Game

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time finished in 9th.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Updated on PlayStation 3, Patch Includes Many Fixes

In space, everyone is tired of this joke.

Crysis 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines Drop to $39.99 Tomorrow at GameStop, Check out all the Weekly Deals

Prediction – Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel will be $40 on April 10th.