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Amazon Takes Away Prime Preorder Discount, Ad-Free Twitch Prime

Amazon has some bad news for gamers.

Amazon Prime Video Game Deal

Amazon UK Ends £2 Prime Discount on Video Game Preorders

While today it’s the UK, I believe we all shall fall.

Amazon prime day video game deals

Check Out All the Amazon Prime Day Video Game Deals

Tons of great deals on games, hardware, and accessories.

Amazon Prime Video Game Discount

Amazon Says Rereleases and Remasters Are No Longer Eligible for Prime Preorder Savings

And in the era of remakes and remasters. Wow.

Cyberpunk 2077 Amazon Prime price

Cyberpunk 2077 is $47.99 on Amazon Prime

That’s a fair price.

The Sins of The Father – Inside Eden’s Gate Far Cry 5 Short Film Review

Get hyped for the game with a prequel short film.

Inside Eden’s Gate, the Far Cry 5 Prequel Short Film, is Now Available on Amazon Prime Video

Find out what’s really going on in Hope County.

Here’s Some of the Amazon Prime Day 2016 PS4 Video Game Deals

Doom, Far Cry Primal, Borderlands, and more on offer.

Amazon Prime UK Identifies GTA 5, FIFA 15 and More as “Exclusively for Prime Members”

Amazon has since corrected the bizarre issue.

Amazon Prime Members Now Receive 20% off Video Game Pre-Orders

It’s available on eligible pre-orders and new releases.