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Amy Hennig GDC 2019

Amy Hennig Is Getting a Lifetime Achievement Award at GDC 2019

Accolades aren’t Uncharted territory for Hennig.

amy hennig

Amy Hennig Comments on Single-Player Sustainability

Hennig always has something interesting to say.

uncharted health

The Uncharted Health System is Actually One Big (Incredible) Trick

A bloody incredible reveal.

uncharted series

Amy Hennig on Uncharted’s Future: There’s Plenty of Material to Continue the Series With

She also thinks Naughty Dog wrapped it up nicely with a bow.

Amy Hennig Indie Studio

Uncharted Creator Amy Hennig Sets Up New Indie Studio

Just give us Star Wars: Dead Space already.

Star Wars games

Star Wars Rebels, Han & Chewie, and More: Four Star Wars Games We Want to See Made

May the four- yeah, you get it.

uncharted 4 update 1.32

Uncharted 4’s Development Troubles Highlighted in New Book (Potential Story Spoilers)

Sheds light on Amy Hennig’s departure.

ea star wars

Rumor: Hero of Visceral Star Wars Game is Named Dodger, Story Details Shared

That’s a lot of info.

Visceral and Amy Hennig’s Untitled Star Wars Game Won’t Be a Carbon Copy of Uncharted

Licensed title described as “scrappy third-person action adventure experience.”

Electronic Arts’ Amy Hennig Talks About AAA Crunch

Few names are bigger in gaming than Amy Hennig, and now theRead the full article…

PAX West Keynote Speaker Amy Hennig

Former Uncharted Creative Director to Give PAX West Keynote Speech

I’d like to hear Amy Hennig.

visceral games closure

Amy Hennig’s Writing Process for Star Wars Will Be Similar to Uncharted, Concept Art Released

There are some clues in the images.

visceral games closure

Amy Hennig is Taking Visceral’s Star Wars Project in “Groundbreaking Directions”

Jade Raymond-led group is also exploring ideas for a new IP.

Amy Hennig to Collect Special BAFTA Award Next Month

“One of BAFTA’s highest accolades.”

Amy Hennig “Can’t Wait” to Play Uncharted 4, Says She “Poured Two Years” of Her Life Into It

“There’s still a lot of me in there.”

Naughty Dog Thanks Amy Hennig for Her Work on the Uncharted Franchise

A note found in Uncharted 4’s credits.

Amy Hennig Considered Leaving AAA Development Behind Before Joining Visceral’s Star Wars Game

The Force proved too strong.

Uncharted’s Amy Hennig and Assassin’s Creed Co-Creator Jade Raymond Talk Game Narratives

Difference between Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2 was more narrative.