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PS4 New Releases

PlayStation New Releases This Week: February 19, 2019 – My Anthem

What are you picking up this week?

Anthem Microtransaction Prices Finally Uncovered

Because the game’s technically out now.

neill blomkamp anthem

Neill Blomkamp’s Conviction Short Spotlights the Mysteries of Anthem

Hopefully, Conviction’s biggest mystery will be explored in Anthem.

Anthem Launch Chart Timeline

Anthem’s Fragmented Launch Might Be a Mess, But Only For a Week

We’re nearing the date when Anthem finally launches. Sort of. See, onceRead the full article…

neill blomkamp anthem

EA Announces Conviction, an Anthem Live-Action Story from District 9’s Director

The perfect treat for Valentine’s Day.

anthem next-gen

Anthem Will Allow Players to Carry Over Save Files If It’s Ported Over to Next-Gen Consoles

That’s according to Head of Live Service, Chad Robertson.

anthem roadmap

Here’s Our First Look at the Anthem Roadmap

It’s almost time to launch a new gaming service. Here’s a peek.

Anthem Hands On Preview

Anthem Endgame Hands-On Proves the Longevity of BioWare’s Shooter

Just when you thought the game was over, it goes and sucks you back in!

anthem alliance system

BioWare Explains How Anthem’s Alliance System Will Encourage Playing With Friends

Guilds won’t be available at launch.

anthem trophies

Anthem’s Trophy List Has Been Leaked, Completionists Will Be Rewarded With a Platinum

Beware of spoilers.

anthem free-to-play

Anthem Developers Discussed a Free-to-Play Model During Early Development Phase

It would impact profitability.

anthem bug fixes

BioWare Outlines List of Fixes Made to Anthem’s Launch Version That Won’t Appear in the Demo

Overall, players should see a “significant” improvement over last week.

anthem game director

Director Says Anthem May Be the Decade’s ‘Most Emotional Shooter’

We’ll get to judge for ourselves soon enough.

anthem demo update

BioWare Launches Anthem Demo Update 1.01 Ahead of Public Demo

The update is now available across all platforms.

anthem sprint button

Sprinting Will Be Enabled in Fort Tarsis on Anthem’s Release Day

It seems this won’t be an option during the public demo.

anthem public demo fixes

Fixes for Infinite Loads and Other Bugs Coming to Anthem’s Public Demo

BioWare has been working on fixes for the full launch, too.

anthem vip demo players

Participants in Anthem’s VIP Demo Can Access 4 Javelins in the Public Demo

An appreciative gesture to those that weathered to storm.

anthem demo issues

BioWare Apologizes for Anthem VIP Demo Issues, Head of Live Service Offers Explanation

Anthem did “Fortnite-type” numbers on Twitch.

anthem microtransactions

Here’s Your First Look at Anthem’s Microtransactions

BioWare reminded players that nothing is final.