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Pandemonium PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classics: Pandemonium

Simply magical.

My Hero One's Justice Game Modes

Bandai Namco’s My Hero One’s Justice Gets New Game Modes

More information has been revealed about Bandai Namco’s My Hero One’s Justice.

Making the Most of Evermore – Ni no Kuni II Kingdom Building Guide

Learn which facilities and research to work on first.

dragon ball fighterz beta

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Director Talks About His Love of the Franchise

Don’t be worried about the developers’ love for Dragon Ball!

gintama rumble trailer

Gintama Rumble’s Second TV Spot is Frantic

It’s short yet action-packed.

little witch academia ps4 trailer

Watch Over Five Minutes of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time Footage

It’s a nice mix of gameplay and animations.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Cell

Watch Cell Act Perfect in New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer

Cell’s a bit pompous, isn’t he?

dragon ball fighterz story

Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode Feature RPG Elements, Breaks the Fourth Wall

There will be some RPG elements.

dragon ball fighterz ultimate attacks

Enjoy this Compilation of Dragon Ball FighterZ Ultimate Attacks

It’s as flashy as you would expect.

dragon ball z budokai 4

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Producer Daisuke Uchiyama Will Not Be Continuing the Series

It’s one of the producer’s rules.

God Eater 3 Gameplay

First Gameplay Screenshots of God Eater 3 Revealed

Come take a look at some God Eaters.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Harada

Learn How Tekken 7 Director Katsuhiro Harada is Involved with Dragon Ball FighterZ

He helped the game out in the early stages.

tekken 7 sales

Tekken 7 Has Surpassed 2 Million Copies Sold

Tekken 7 is doing well.

little witch academia opening

Watch the Opening to Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Come and get at look at the wonderful animation.

code vein characters

VAMPS is Making a Music for Code Vein, and See Some New Characters

I doubt you could find a more fitting band for Code Vein if you tried.

last recode comparison

.hack//G.U. Last Recode Video Comparison Shows the Visual Upgrades

This is quite the upgrade.

code vein gameplay

Get a Load of Code Vein’s Dangerous Environments

Stop and smell the… monsters?

gundam versus release

Gundam Versus is Out Next Week, Learn More About the Series’ Past

Gundam Versus is the latest in a long running series.

code vein gameplay

Check Out Ten Minutes of Code Vein Boss Gameplay

This boss doesn’t go down easily.

last recode launch trailer

The Opening Movie of .hack//G.U. Volume 1 Has Been Remastered for Last Recode

Are you excited?