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Battlefield 5 update

Latest Battlefield V Update Restores Reviving and Stops Uneven Player Counts

This patch is much smaller than the day one update.

battlefield single player

Here’s Why DICE Couldn’t Leave Battlefield V’s Single-Player War Stories Behind

The team at DICE is passionate about telling these stories.

battlefield 1 ceasefire

Battlefield 1 Players Held a (Brief) Ceasefire for Armistice Day

It’s a miracle it lasted as long as it did.

battlefield 5 issues

DICE Releases a List of Battlefield V’s Known Issues Ahead of Worldwide Launch

It’s a comprehensive list!

Battlefield V Launch

Battlefield V’s Launch Trailer Shows Off Its Most Exciting Moments

Are you ready to get on the Battlefield?

battlefield 5 firestorm

DICE Is Holding Back Firestorm to Avoid Overwhelming Battlefield V Players

Might this work in DICE’s favor?

Battlefield V Battle Royale

Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Has a Smaller Player-Count Than Black Ops 4’s

More news will arrive leading up to the mode’s launch in March 2019.

battlefield 5 launch day patch notes

Battlefield V’s Over 130-Page of Day One Patch Notes Are Live

Thankfully, DICE has provided a summary.

battlefield 5 day one patch

The Day One Patch Notes for Battlefield V Will Be 135 Pages Long

That’s nearly 23,000 words.

battlefield 5 trophies

Take a Look at the Trophies You Can Earn in Battlefield V

Trophy hunters, get ready.

battlefield 5 issues

Here’s When You Can Start Preloading Battlefield V

Gotta get the jump on it.

battlefield 5 multiplayer launch maps

Get a Sneak Peek at Every Battlefield V Multiplayer Launch Map

Plus a look at a post-launch map featured in Tides of War Chapter 1.

Battlefield V Microtransactions

Battlefield V Cosmetic Microtransactions Won’t Be Available at Launch

And it’s entirely on purpose.

play Battlefield 5 early

Here’s How You Can Play Battlefield 5 Early

When you just can’t wait to go to war!

DICE Internship

DICE Is Looking for Interns to Study Toxic Behavior in Battlefield

Battlefield needs to be for everyone.

Battlefield V Post Launch

Here’s What We’ll See During the First 3 Months of Battlefield V’s Tides of War

Including Tides of War and Firestorm.

battlefield 5 firestorm details

New Information on Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Arrives Very Soon

Firestorm details will come with new information about Tides of War.

war stories battlefield 5

The Last Tiger Will Be Battlefield V’s Last War Story

Tides of War won’t bring about additional single-player content.

battlefield v bonus

DICE Announces Bonus Items for Early Battlefield V Players as the Game Goes Gold

Here’s a thank you for being patient.

battlefield 5 german campaign

Battlefield V: The German Perspective Presented in War Stories Isn’t a ‘Hero Story’

The Last Tiger sounds like something rare and special.