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battlefield v chapter 2 lightning strikes

Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Will Electrify the Game This Week

As these updates keep rolling out, Battlefield V is feeling more like a complete game.

battlefield 5 update

Next Battlefield V Update Will Improve Death Experience, and Tweak Weapons and Vehicles

Preview the update right here.

battlefield 5 company coin

DICE Apologizes for Battlefield V Issue Preventing Level 50 Players From Accruing Company Coin

Fixes are on the way.

Battlefield V Chapter 2 Release Date

Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 2 Strikes Next Week

Release date revealed in-game.

battlefield 5 free dlc

DICE is Giving Battlefield V Players Two New Weapons

Truly the season of giving.

battlefield 5 ttk

DICE Apologizes to Battlefield V Players for Lack of Communication Surrounding Time-to-Kill Changes

TTK has become a contentious issue.

Battlefield V Update

Here’s Everything Included in Battlefield V’s First Major Update

Up and running.

Battlefield V

Battlefield V’s First Free Content Update Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

Starting with a delay.

battlefield 5 overture

Are You Ready to See More of Battlefield V’s The Last Tiger War Story?

Meet Peter Müller.

battlefield 5 patch

An Upcoming Battlefield V Update Will Improve Revive Mechanics and Tweak Medics

The patch will release alongside Tides of War’s first chapter on December 4th.

battlefield 5 update

Battlefield V Will Receive an Update Alongside Tides of War: Chapter 1 to Fix Some Major Issues

DICE explained the delay in addressing some issues.

battlefield 5 tides of war release date

Take Part in Battlefield V’s Overture in December

Chapter 1 includes the final War Story, a new map, and more.

Battlefield V PS4 review

Battlefield V Review – Completely Incomplete (PS4)

Battlefield: Making shit go boom since 1942

Battlefield 5 update

Latest Battlefield V Update Restores Reviving and Stops Uneven Player Counts

This patch is much smaller than the day one update.

battlefield single player

Here’s Why DICE Couldn’t Leave Battlefield V’s Single-Player War Stories Behind

The team at DICE is passionate about telling these stories.

battlefield 1 ceasefire

Battlefield 1 Players Held a (Brief) Ceasefire for Armistice Day

It’s a miracle it lasted as long as it did.

battlefield 5 issues

DICE Releases a List of Battlefield V’s Known Issues Ahead of Worldwide Launch

It’s a comprehensive list!

Battlefield V Launch

Battlefield V’s Launch Trailer Shows Off Its Most Exciting Moments

Are you ready to get on the Battlefield?

battlefield 5 firestorm

DICE Is Holding Back Firestorm to Avoid Overwhelming Battlefield V Players

Might this work in DICE’s favor?