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Fallout 76 Reviews

Fallout 76 Is Under Heavy Fire as Review Bombs Drop on Metacritic

Bombs away.

fallout 76 vehicles

Here’s Why You Can’t Use Fallout 76’s Cars

Driving and the Fallout experience wouldn’t mix well.

fallout 76 trophies

You Won’t Earn Fallout 76 Trophies From Your B.E.T.A. Progress

Maybe this should’ve been mentioned sooner.

fallout 76 post launch

Bethesda Will Eventually Bring Character Respecing and Faction-Based PvP to Fallout 76

Bethesda has yet to reveal when post-launch content will begin releasing.

why Fallout 76 is important

Why Fallout 76 is an Important Fallout Game

Fallout 76 isn’t Fallout 5, but it’s still Fallout.

fallout 76 launch time

Preload Fallout 76 Now Ahead of Your Region’s Launch

Step out into this brave new world.

Fallout 76 Holotapes

Fallout 76’s Holotapes Aren’t the Storytelling Experience I Thought They’d Be

Can holotapes and robots tell as good a story as conversations with real folks?

fallout 76 countdown to launch

Fallout 76’s Countdown to Launch Offers Free PSN Swag, Power Armor Giveaway

In four days, your PSN friend list will be overrun by Vault Boys.

warren spector reviews fallout 4

Warren Spector Calls Bethesda Games ‘an Inch Deep and Miles Wide’

Warren Spector shares his opinion of Fallout 4.

fallout 76 beta patch

Make Sure You Have Room for the 30GB Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. Patch

The massive patch targets bug fixes, performance stability, and more.

fallout 76 online only

How Bethesda Game Studios Made the Call on Fallout 76’s Online Multiplayer

All Bethesda studios determine the projects they develop.

fallout 76 support

Bethesda Will Provide ‘Never-Ending’ Support for Fallout 76

Like WoW, Fallout 76 could last indefinitely.

fallout 76 interactive map

Fan Launches Fallout 76 App With Interactive Map Functionality

At present, it can only be downloaded via the Google Play Store.

fallout 76 live action trailer

Bask in Apocalyptic Chaos with Fallout 76’s Live-Action Trailer

Wouldn’t it be nice, indeed.

Fallout 76 Beta Schedule

Mark Your Calendars for the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A on PS4 (and all Platforms)

Here’s the full schedule for all platforms.

fallout 76 side content

Fallout 76 Will Have Over 150 Hours of Side Content At Launch

Of course, this doesn’t take into account Bethesda’s post-launch plans.

elder scrolls 6 reveal

Bethesda Explains Why Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI Were Revealed so Early

It seems Fallout 76 is to blame.

Fallout 76 West Virginia

Why is Fallout 76 Set in the Foothills of West Virginia? We Asked Bethesda

What did Bethesda Game Studios see in the coal state?

Fallout 76 Camden Park

Check Out Camden Park and Beckley, WV in Fallout 76!

Rides, Picnics, Fallout for All.