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Overwatch Update patch notes ashe

Overwatch’s Ashe is Now Live on Consoles, Hero Changes and Bug Fixes Included in Update Patch Notes

You’ll need to reinstall the full game for this one.

diablo immortal

Blizzard ‘Feels Fortunate’ to Have Passionate Diablo Fans, Says It’s an Important ‘Tent Pole’ Franchise

This is in response to the recent Diablo: Immortal backlash.

Diablo 4

Blizzard Disputes Claim that Diablo 4 BlizzCon 2018 Announcement Was Planned

Timing is everything.

Diablo 4

Report: Blizzard Originally Planned to Announce Diablo 4 at BlizzCon 2018

BlizzCon 2018 could have been received quite differently.

Overwatch Character Lore: A Concise Guide – Volume 3

A complete, but concise, guide to the lore behind all 28 heroes in Blizzard’s Overwatch.

blizzard diablo comments

Blizzard Released a Statement on the BlizzCon 2018 Diablo Rumors

The Diablo drama is real.

Overwatch Halloween Event

Overwatch Halloween Event Kickstarts Pumpkin Carving Contest

Veggie Tales just got darker.

Here's Where Your Pink Mercy Overwatch Charity is Going

Here’s Where the Pink Mercy Overwatch Charity Money Is Going

This should be done more often.

Former Blizzard Executive Joins Square Enix as Chief Marketing Officer

John Heinecke was behind marketing campaigns for games like Overwatch and Diablo.

diablo reign of terror

No, Diablo ‘Reign of Terror’ Isn’t a New Game or Content

It’s just gear that’ll be available at BlizzCon.

Overwatch lore guide characters 1

Overwatch Character Lore: A Concise Guide – Volume 2

More history behind one of the most popular hero shooters.

overwatch ps4 tournament

Space Esports Announces $10K Overwatch PlayStation 4 Tournament

Make some money with your Overwatch skills.

Overwatch Mei Snowball

Mei’s Levitating Snowball Overwatch Collectible Is the Latest Blizzard Gear

Stop making us spend money, Blizzard.


Blizzard Gear Unleashes Line of New, Highly Detailed, and Expensive Overwatch Statues

Somebody give me money so I can throw it at these things.

lego overwatch reveal

It’s Almost Time for Overwatch LEGO Sets

The bananas are for the hamster, right?

Overwatch Character Lore: A Concise Guide – Volume 1

There’s a deep history behind one of the most popular hero shooters.

Overwatch Merch

Blizzard Is Selling a $200 Genji Sword

No slashing prices here.

Overwatch Competitive

Overwatch Now Allows You to Avoid up to Three Players as Teammates

Competitive season 12 has commenced.

madden shooting

Events Cancelled, Security Announcements for Events Happening After Madden Shooting

Unfortunate statements, but necessary statements nonetheless.