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Dead Rising Triple Pack Review – Old Is New Again (PS4)

Hmmmmm BRAINZ!

Dead Rising Trophy List

Dead Rising Trophy Lists Revealed Across All Dead Rising PS4 Games

So many zombies to photograph, so little time.

Dead Rising 2 Ships Two Million Zombie-Infested Units

Following the critical acclaim of Dead Rising 2, publisher Capcom has announced that the zombie-filled sequel has shipped an accumulative two million units worldwide.

PS3 Review – Dead Rising 2

The first Dead Rising was released in 2006, back when the currentRead the full article…

Fight back the Zombie Horde with the Dead Rising 2 ‘Zombrex’ Edition

If you can look post the fact that the original Dead Rising never hit the PS3 and that we’re going to miss out on the ‘Case Zero’ DLC which is a 360-exclusive prologue that takes place between the first and second title, there’s plenty of reasons to be excited about Capcom’s Dead Rising 2. First off, the game allows you to combine weapons to make some pretty wild inventions. For example: Take a boat paddle, add duct tape, throw in (2) chainsaws and shazam, Paddlesaws! Or how about the multiplayer mode which also allows for Online CO-OP (!) zombie killing? I now have a third reason for you to be excited. SPECIAL EDITION, BABY!! Fans and those new to the series are going to want to check this out!

New Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer Mode: ‘Zomboni’

Capcom is putting you up against countless hordes of zombies in theRead the full article…

Dead Rising 2 – The Evolution of Chuck Reid

Ah, Chuck. The brave man who dares to face the unstoppable pursuitRead the full article…

Dead Rising 2 Fact Sheet

Dead Rising 2 Fact Sheet Release Date: TBD Genre: Zombie Action Platform:Read the full article…

PS3 Review – The Bigs 2

The Bigs 2 is 2K Sports’ second baseball game released this year.Read the full article…