Splash Damage Explains Why Brink was Delayed

When Splash Damage announced that their highly anticipated upcoming shooter, Brink, would be pushed back to 2011, many gamers were, understandably, dismayed and frustrated. Many wondered if something had gone wrong with production, and almost instantly questions were raised regarding the game’s final quality. However, in a recent interview, the CEO of Splash Damage reassured restless gamers about why his studio decided to delay the game, and why it can only be a good thing.

by Kyle P.
August 22nd, 2010

Splash Damage: “Same Great Experience” on all Platforms

First off, Splash Damage allowed gamers of all sorts to get their hands on Brink, during the event. Wedgewood claims this is a rare opportunity for gamers to get their hands on an unreleased game; claiming that these sorts of events are almost always press-only. Later, Wedgwood talked about how Splash Damage worked really hard on ensuring the controls and experience from one version of the game, to another, are spot on.

by Kyle P.
August 16th, 2010
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