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Call of Cthulhu review

Call of Cthulhu Review – Lots of Lovecraft, Not Enough-ian (PS4)

The -ian can bring you a long way, if you’re clever.

Call of Cthulhu release

Release of the Week for 10/29/18-11/4/18: Call of Cthulhu

Have you heard about our Lord and Savior Cthulhu?

Call of Cthulhu Trailer

Call of Cthulhu Strikes Fear Into Our Hearts With Its Launch Trailer

Do you hear the call of Cthulhu?

call of cthulhu trailer

New Call of Cthulhu Trailer Offers a Preview of the Upcoming Madness as the Game Goes Gold

Just in time for Halloween!

new call of cthulhu gameplay trailer

New Call of Cthulhu Gameplay Trailer Takes Us on the Path to Madness

Cultists, Deep Ones, and hallucinations, oh my.

Call of Cthulhu’s gamescom 2018 Trailer Involves Some Serious Choices

Yep, this has H.P. Lovecraft written all over it.

Call of Cthulhu release date

Survival Horror Game Call of Cthulhu Release Date Revealed

We know not what horrors await.

Call of Cthulhu preview

E3 2018 Preview: Call of Cthulhu’s Eldritch Horrors Test Your Sanity

Will you bravely lose your mind?

Call of Cthulhu E3 2018 Trailer is mad

E3 2018: Call of Cthulhu New Trailer is Deliciously Mad and Scary

Walk the path of madness in Call of Cthulhu.

focus home interactive e3 2018

Focus Home Interactive Reveals E3 2018 Lineup

Tons of playable titles!

Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game Preview – Commence Investigation (PS4)

Beware not to develop a phobophobia!

E3 2017 – Call of Cthulhu Preview – Fear the Dark

Try to not completely lose your sanity in the Hawkins manor!

Call of Cthulhu E3 2017 Trailer Embraces the Madness

RPG-investigation game (yes, really).

vampyr violence

Call of Cthulhu, Vampyr Out in Q4 2017

Busy time of the year.

New Call of Cthulhu “Depths of Madness” Trailer Looks Pretty Twisted

“You’ll start to doubt everything you see.”

Focus Home Releases E3 Trailers for The Technomancer, Call of Cthulhu & Styx: Shards of Darkness

It’s E3 trailers galore!

New Call of Cthulhu Screenshots Show Creepy Darkwater Island

A disturbing place that players will have to explore.

RPG-Investigation Game Call of Cthulhu Now Set for 2017 Release on Consoles & PC

Cyanide Studio replaces Frogwares as the developer.

The Catch-Up: January 16th, 2013 – Hideo Kojima Shows MGS V Companion App, Kodoku for PS4/PS Vita Gets a Teaser & Screenshots

Twitch has 45 million unique viewers per month; Don’t Starve getting Reign of Giants DLC; Minecraft: PS3 Edition getting more texture packs.