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Cliff Bleszinski Says He’s ‘Never’ Making Another Game in Response to Tweet About LawBreakers

“I’m done,” he said in a statement.

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Former Nexon Vice President Cancels His Talk on LawBreakers’ Failure

Vlad Coho cancelled the talk “out of respect.”

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Boss Key Production’s Cliff Bleszinski Calls Out Epic Games Over Employee Poaching

Apparently, Epic has an issue with Radical Heights.

LawBreakers Update 1.3 Out Now, Adds Tutorials and Limits Character Stacking

No character balancing tweaks in this update.

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Cliff Bleszinski Talks LawBreakers’ Low Concurrent Player Count, PS4’s “Hungry” Audience, and More

LawBreakers is a “marathon and not a sprint.”

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E3 2017 – LawBreakers Hands-On Preview – Freaky Floaty Fighting (PS4)

It’s boots-on-the-ground combat…In the air!

Uncharted 4 Update 1.31

Cliff Bleszinski Says Current AAA Model is “Unsustainable” Unless “You’re an Activision, 2K or a Sony”

They’re costing millions to develop and market.

LawBreakers Drops Free-to-Play Model, Developer Entertains Idea of Console Version

Set to release as a Steam exclusive this summer.

Cliff Bleszinski Turned Down Chance to Work on Silent Hills With Hideo Kojima

“I would’ve f**ked up SH.”

Cliff Bleszinski: FPS Campaigns Cost Upwards of 75 Percent of Budget

“You burn through the campaign in a weekend, and then you guys go to multiplayer.”

LawBreakers Gameplay Revealed, Could Still Hit Consoles

But only with outside support.

Cliff Bleszinski: If You Want Boss Key’s LawBreakers on PS4, Let Sony Know

Gameplay reveal happening tomorrow.

Cliff Bleszinski Says E3 Is a “Waste of Money” and Will Eventually Die

Post-retirement enlightenment.

Cliff Bleszinski’s Studio Boss Key Productions Hires Call of Duty Developers

Both new hires spent over six years at Neversoft.

Cliff Bleszinski’s New Project Apparently Coming From His Own Company, Boss Key Productions

Unlock the fun, Cliff!

Cliff Bleszinksi Coming Out of Retirement to Develop Games Once More (Update)

Prepare for more shootbang?

The Catch-Up: February 21st, 2014 – PlayStation 3rd Party Production Director: “News Coming, Be Ready!”

GDC survey shows 20% of developers are working on PS4; New Tony Hawk game confirmed; New Deep Down trailer, PS4 Japan line-up trailers.

A New IP of Epic Proportions

We’ve spotted a new game IP on the horizon, and it’s comingRead the full article…