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Mighty No. 9 Developer Comcept Acquired By Level-5, PS Vita Version Still on the Way

Physical rewards should be shipped out this summer.

Mighty No. 9’s Ray DLC Delayed in Europe “For a Few Days” on PS4 & PS3

Comcept gives an update on issues with codes.

Mighty No. 9 End Credits Runs for Nearly Four Hours

“Kamiya was right.”

Keiji Inafune Takes Full Responsibility for Mighty No. 9 Launch Criticisms

World 3 capped at 40fps on PS4.

Mighty No. 9 Review – Shattering Nostalgia (PS4)

Your money hard at work.

Mighty No. 9 Gets a Launch Trailer, Comcept Says There Could Be Sequels If Things Go Well

“Even if it’s not perfect, it’s better than nothing.”

Here’s the First 38 Minutes of Mighty No. 9 Gameplay on PS4

Buy it at retail on PS4, get digital versions on PS3 and PS Vita.

Mighty No. 9 Trailer Is All About That Masterclass

Prepare to dash!

Mighty No. 9 Release Date Is Now June 21, Inafune Says “There Will Be No Further Delays”

PS Vita and 3DS versions to follow.

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z’s Poor Reception Partly Due to Console Transition, Says Keiji Inafune

As a five-year-old company, he thinks they’re doing alright.

Mighty No 9 Release Date Delayed Again, Now Launching in Spring 2016

Network issues strike again.

Comcept is “Sorry” About Mighty No. 9’s Delay But “Very Thankful” for Fan Feedback

People were disappointed because they were looking forward to it so much.

PSX 2015: Mighty No. 9 Preview – An Inafune Masterpiece

Keiji Inafune triumphantly returns to the action arcade platformer genre.

Mighty No 9 Gameplay Trailer Takes a Look at the Modes and Multiplayer

Learn more about Boss Rush, Co-op Challenge mode, Challenge mode, and more.

Mighty No. 9 Release Date and Box Art Revealed

Snazzy logo included, too.

Comcept Feels “Really, Really Bad” About Mighty No. 9’s Delay, Says It Happened Due to Multiplayer Bugs

They admit they could have done things differently.

Mighty No. 9 Release Date Delay Confirmed, Now Scheduled for Q1 2016

Blame bugs and online issues.

Mighty No. 9’s Rumored Delay Might Affect Physical Versions Only

There’s still no official statement.

Comcept’s Red Ash Loses Kickstarter Backers as It Secures Publisher, PS4 Version Confirmed

Comcept is far from the $800,000 goal.

Mighty No.9 Might Be Delayed Until 2016, Deep Silver Refuses to Comment on Rumors

Amazon, GameStop, and Walmart all now list the release date as 2016.