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TikGames And Creat Studios Discounting PSN Games Via Summer Sale

TikGames and Creat Studios have announced their “End of Summer Sale Spectacular”, featuring all nine of their PlayStation Network titles at 40% off standard retail price on the US PlayStation Store. Additionally, all downloadable content will be put on sale for 99¢.

by Zak Islam
August 31st, 2010

PSLS Presents – Howard Lehr, TikGames and Scott Hyman, Creat Studios

Wakeboarding HD, a fast-paced arcade extreme sports game, which debuted exclusively on the PlayStation Network this Thursday on the European PlayStation Store, and will release next week on the US store, is an over-the-top Wakeboarding game from the developers of hit PlayStation Network titles such as Smash Cars and Cuboid. To learn more about the game, about the studio’s future titles, and their thoughts on PlayStation Move, PlayStation LifeStyle interviewed Howard Lehr, the Director of Game Design for TikGames, the developer of the game and Scott Hyman, Director of Business Development for Creat Studios, their partner and publisher of the title.

by Sebastian Moss
March 19th, 2010
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