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War Thunder Dev and Hi-Rez President Call Sony Out Over Cross-Play Restrictions

Gaijin has requested Sony several times.

epic games cross-platform

Epic Games is Releasing its Cross-Platform Tools to Developers for Free

The Cross-Platform future is getting more clear every day.

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Bethesda’s Pete Hines Believes Gaming Platforms Will Become More Homogenized in the Future

Cross-platform and cross-play is a step in that direction.

PS4 Cross-platform Play Sony response

Sony Finally Gives Some Hope on PS4 Console Cross-play

Okay, here’s hoping…

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Sony’s Cross-Play Stance Makes No Sense – Why Embracing PS4 Cross-Play Makes Everyone Win

Gamers, developers, and even Sony themselves would see benefits in allowing for cross-play.

Nintendo Xbox Cross play trailer

Nintendo and Xbox Cross-Play Trailer Puts the Screws to Sony

Microsoft and Nintendo are just flaunting their collaborations now.

PS4 cross-platform play issues

PS4 Cross-platform Block is About the Money, Said Ex-Sony Dev

Well, yeah, of course it was.

Minecraft Dev Is “Still in Discussions With Sony” About PS4 Cross-Platform Play

Mojang says their server partners have “taken steps to ensure online play is safe.”