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War Thunder Dev and Hi-Rez President Call Sony Out Over Cross-Play Restrictions

Gaijin has requested Sony several times.

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Bethesda’s Pete Hines Believes Gaming Platforms Will Become More Homogenized in the Future

Cross-platform and cross-play is a step in that direction.

minecraft cross play

Microsoft ‘Would Love’ to Bring Minecraft Cross-Play to PS4

Minecraft already features cross-play on other platforms.

ps4 cross play

Activision Blizzard Says It’ll Assess the Potential Impact of Cross-Play on Its Games

Imagine cross-play in Call of Duty, Destiny, and Overwatch.

ps4 cross play

Sony Explains Why Enabling PS4 Cross-Play Took This Long, Says It’s Unlike ‘Flipping a Switch’

Sony had to look at things from technical and business viewpoints.

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Sony’s Kenichiro Yoshida Comments on Cross-Play

Sony continues to stay the course on cross-play.

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Top Fortnite Streamer Ninja Says Sony Blocking PS4 Cross-Platform Play is ‘Greed’

“Don’t be the barrier to the future.”

Cross-play podcast

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #13: MMO Money, MMO Problems

Can a living game keep the conversation alive longer than single-player games?

Cross-play podcast

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #12: Throwing Hands with Sonic Stans

Nathan Fillion’s playing Nathan Drake? We talk that and more.

cross play podcast episode 11 arenanet firings

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #11: How to Lose Fans and Alienate People

Should communities have the power to mobilize and get devs fired?

cross-play podcast ep 10

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #10: The Pope Better Not Send Me Sonic Foot Fetish Pics

The story of meme-like fandoms that turn abusive.

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Sony’s Cross-Play Stance Makes No Sense – Why Embracing PS4 Cross-Play Makes Everyone Win

Gamers, developers, and even Sony themselves would see benefits in allowing for cross-play.

cross play podcast episode 9 cyberpunk 2077

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #9: Do You Wanna Cyber(punk 2077)?

We’re recapping E3 this week!

Nintendo Xbox Cross play trailer

Nintendo and Xbox Cross-Play Trailer Puts the Screws to Sony

Microsoft and Nintendo are just flaunting their collaborations now.

Cross Play Podcast Episode 8 PrE3dictions

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #8: LE3ks, Ramblings, and PrE3dictions

It’s our big E3 predictions episode!

Cross-play podcast

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #7: Sony v Microsoft Battle Royale

The lost episode is finally live!

cross-play podcast episode 6 destiny 2 warmind E3 Sony Final Fantasy VII Remake

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #6: Warmind and Peace

Let’s talk new expansions and coming E3 announcements.

cross play podcast episode 5 rockstar red dead redemption 2

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #5: We Get it Rockstar, Trevor is Crazy

We hope Red Dead Redemption 2’s characters are better than Trevor.

Cross-play podcast episode 4 shadow of the Tomb Raider nintendo labo

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #4: Nintendo Lab-Oh No!

We also talk about government stepping in to regulate loot boxes.

Cross play podcast episode 3 detroit leaks

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #3: Detroit is Leaking

Let’s talk Detroit: Become Human and how leaks impact the industry.