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Report: Crytek on the Verge of Bankruptcy, Company Denies Claims – (Update)

Crytek going kaput?

Crysis Series Is Only “Just About Breaking Even”

Three million is break even?!

Pre-Order Crysis 3, Get Crysis 1 Free

Not bad at all.

Crysis 2 Comes to PlayStation Plus in Europe Next Month

Leaving those of us in North America extremely jealous.

PSN Review – Crysis

Is Crysis’ technical prowess still alive?

Crysis Astonishes with 1080p Resolution Support on PS3

A few years back many thought that it’d be impossible for CrysisRead the full article…

Whoever Said Consoles Can’t Run Crysis Should See These Gorgeous Screenshots

In case you haven’t heard, Crysis is coming to the PlayStation 3Read the full article…

Crytek Share Mistakes and Disappointment with Crysis 2 Multiplayer Environment

Crytek’s first crack at the handheld market with Crysis 2 this MarchRead the full article…

ESRB Reveals the Mothership, Crysis Coming to PlayStation 3

People said that Crysis could never be brought to consoles; the textureRead the full article…