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earth defense force iron rain japanese release date

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain’s Japanese Release Date Is Set

A serious EDF sounds impossible, but here we are.

earth defense force 5 review

Earth Defense Force 5 Review – A Standup Fight and A Bug Hunt (PS4)


Dream C Club Zero

D3 Publisher Could Consider a Dream C Club Zero Localization

That’s a big maybe.

Earth Defense Force 5’s Western Release Date Announced

Coming December 2018.

Omega Labyrinth Z Collector's Edition

The Omega Labyrinth Z Collector’s Edition That Could’ve Been

You can still order the mousepad.

Earth Defense Force Release Date

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Will Storm the West in 2019

The insects will be invading!

Earth Defense Force 5 Deluxe Edition

Earth Defense Force 5 Preorder Comes With Singing and Dancing Decoy

Preorders are available now

Earth Defense Force 5 Western Release

Earth Defense Force 5 Hype Continues with New Trailer

A game that invaded our hearts long ago.

Earth Defense Force

Earth Defense Force 4.1 Joins PlayStation Hits Lineup

The spoils of insect-infested war.

Bullet Girls Phantasia Gameplay

Waifus Take Charge of You in This New NSFW Bullet Girls Phantasia Trailer

I really wasn’t expecting that.

Sony Stops Omega Labyrinth Z from Releasing In The West

If you (underage) boobs, you lose.

earth defense force iron rain delayed

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Delayed in Japan to 2019

Not that Earth Defense Force. The other Earth Defense Force.

bullet girls phantasia limited edition

Bullet Girls Phantasia Launching in Asia, Will Feature English Language Options

Available for Preorder now!

Earth Defense Force 5 english

Earth Defense Force 5 Will Soon Blast its Way to North America

You’re here to kick ass and chew bubblegum…

Earth Defense Force 5 gameplay

D3 Publisher Announces Earth Defense Force 5 Sales Cross 250,000 Total Shipments

Digital and total shipments are doing well!

Happy Manager release date

Happy Manager Release Date Confirmed

PSVR support will be coming in a post-release patch.

EDF Iron Rain Details

First Details and Screenshots of Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Revealed

Hope you don’t like ants.

D3 Publisher TGS 2017 live stream

Watch the D3 Publisher TGS 2017 Live Stream – Day Two

Can this top the creepiness of day one?

happy manager trailer

Wake up to Happiness With the Latest Happy Manager Video

Watch the game’s opening, sung by the leading ladies.

Bullet Girls Phantasia gameplay

Get Your First Glimpse of Bullet Girls Phantasia Gameplay

Poke that butt.