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dark cloud ps2 classic

The PlayStation Classics: Dark Cloud PS2 Classic

Dark Clouds are going to clear up.

playstation now

PlayStation Now Adds Cult Classic Dark Cloud and 11 More Titles

A silver lining.

monster of the deep review

PlayStation VR Spin-offs Like Monster of the Deep That Need to Happen

Cameron has a lot of ideas.

dark cloud revival

A Dark Cloud Revival is Out of Level-5’s Hands

This is Sony’s call.

Dark Cloud 2 on PS4 Includes a Platinum Trophy, Is out Today

Costs $14.99.

Dark Cloud 2 Makes Its Way to PS4 on January 19

It was first rated alongside Twisted Metal: Black and Ape Escape 2.

Dark Cloud PS4 – PS2 on PS4 Revisited

A giant flying dog thing? Dark Cloud had The Last Guardian before it was cool.

Here’s Trophy Lists, Download Sizes & Prices for the PS2 Games on PS4 out Today

Six out of the eight titles have Platinums!

First Wave of PS2 Games on PS4 Launch Tomorrow, Range From $10 – $15

Grand Theft Auto, Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, and more come to North America and Europe on PS4.

Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy & Other PS2 Games Trademarked by PlayStation Europe

All eyes are on the PlayStation Experience keynote.

Report: Leaked Dark Cloud Trailer Says PS4 Isn’t Compatible With PS2 Discs or PS2 Classics

Looks like the PS2 games will be up-rendered in 1080p and include Trophies.

15 First Party PlayStation Games That Need a New Entry

Rise from your grave!

Five Genres That Have Been Lacking This Generation

Every gaming generation has its trends, some better than others. This generation’sRead the full article…