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Death Stranding PS4

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Says ‘You. Are. Not. Ready.’ For Death Stranding After Playing It

What even is this game?

death stranding Japanese cast

Prolific Voice Actor Houchu Ohtsuka Joins Death Stranding’s Japanese Cast

Kojima won’t say who the actor’s voicing.

Death Stranding release date

Kojima Says Death Stranding’s Release Will ‘Take a While’

While not surprising, this might put any rumors to rest.

death stranding opening

The Opening Hours of Death Stranding Are Already Playable

Apparently it’s just two hours of Norman Reedus looking for his clothes.

Death Stranding release date

Troy Baker May Have Just Teased Death Stranding’s Release Date

We can’t believe he beat Walmart Canada to the punch.

Death Stranding guerrilla games

The Guerrilla Games Co-Founder Is ‘So Impressed’ With Death Stranding After a Private Demo

The fly on the wall had to sign an NDA.

PlayStation Games 2019

Sony Shows Off What’s in Store for the PS4 with ‘Coming Attractions’

2019 and beyond!

death stranding 2019

Hideo Kojima May Have Suggested Death Stranding Will Launch in 2019

His message could also mean nothing.

Hideo Kojima’s Family Told Him to Retire Post Konami But He Persevered

He’s been “relentlessly” working on Death Stranding.

death stranding release

Has Death Stranding Already Begun?

It hasn’t, but something has.

death stranding

Norman Reedus ‘Thinks’ Death Stranding Will Release in 2019

“Early” 2019, that is.

kojima game awards 2018

Hideo Kojima Supposedly Won’t Attend The Game Awards 2018

But will more of Death Stranding be shown off?

troy baker death stranding

Troy Baker Has Finished Filming Death Stranding and Is Talking About It

He teases the little he can about the game.

Death Stranding mythology

Mythology in Death Stranding

The references to the underworld are in more than just the game name…

death stranding development

Death Stranding’s Release Date Hasn’t Changed

Maybe Death Stranding is really all the friends we made along the way.

death stranding characters

Death Stranding’s TGS 2018 Trailer Introduces Troy Baker’s Character, New Character Art Revealed

Meet “the man in the golden mask.”

death stranding japanese cast

Metal Gear Voice Actors Join Death Stranding in Japan


death stranding tgs

You Can’t Play Death Stranding at TGS, but You Can Buy Merch

Yes, I do want that Mads Mikkelson T-Shirt.

death stranding playable demo

Kojima Productions Says Death Stranding Won’t Be Playable at TGS 2018

There’s still the stage show to look forward to, though.