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Detroit become Human sharing

Detroit: Become Human Screenshots and Videos Can’t be Shared Using Share Button

Hope you have a USB drive handy.

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Get 20% Off Any PlayStation Store Purchase By Watching the Detroit: Become Human Launch Trailer

Some restrictions apply.

Cross play podcast episode 3 detroit leaks

Cross-Play Podcast Episode #3: Detroit is Leaking

Let’s talk Detroit: Become Human and how leaks impact the industry.

Detroit become human bonus content

Detroit: Become Human Rewards Players With Bonus Content for Replaying Scenes

Each story node unlocked rewards points.

PS4 New Releases

Detroit: Become Human Difficulty Options Revealed

Play for narrative or play with risk.

Detroit become human demo

Detroit: Become Human Demo Available This Week, Features the Hostage Scene

Play the opening mission of the game.

Detroit become human preview 1

Detroit: Become Human Hands-On With the First Three Hours – Inherently Human

Moral grey areas and programming paradoxes.

Detroit: Become Human Has 513 Characters, More Than 35,000 Camera Shots

Over 5 million lines of code!

No, Detroit: Become Human Visuals Haven’t Been Downgraded, It’s Just a Low Quality Video

Compression and capturing at lower resolution can lead to graphics looking bad.

Video: How Detroit PS4 Graphics Changed During Development

Take a Look at How Detroit: Become Human Graphics Changed During Development

It’s seen some changes on the road to release.

detroit become human trailer

Detroit: Become Human’s Latest Trailer Shows New Characters (Update)

New faces!

Video: How Detroit PS4 Graphics Changed During Development

Detroit: Become Human Releases in May for PlayStation 4

Will you pick it up?

Detroit: Become Human Hands-On: Androids Are Blank Slates Given Humanity by Players

The child abuse scene is far more intense to play than it is to watch.

PSX 2017 Detroit Become Human Trailer

David Cage Comments on Detroit’s Portrayal of Domestic Violence

“You don’t choose to talk about domestic abuse.”

Detroit Become Human PS4

Detroit: Become Human Director Didn’t Want to Use Existing Issues “In a Game That Is Still Entertainment”

He cancelled two scenes that he felt could’ve been misinterpreted.

PSX 2017 Detroit Become Human Trailer

Detroit: Become Human Will Be At Gamescom

Gamescom goers will be able to try the “Hostage” demo.

Detroit Become Human PS4

Detroit: Become Human Is Releasing in 2018, David Cage Reveals

If one of the three characters dies, it won’t be game over.

Quantic Dream Teasing Something for Tomorrow

Prepare for “a surprise” tomorrow!

E3 2016 – Detroit Become Human Premiere Trailer

Learn more about the game.

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Are you a fan of Quantic Dream’s games?