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disgaea 1 complete review

Disgaea 1 Complete Review – Fortnight of Darkness (PS4)

Time to go back to the where it all started, dood.

Disgaea 1 Complete Trailer

Meet Disgaea 1 Complete’s ‘Denizens of the Netherworld’

The Netherworld seems like a charming place to me.

Disgaea 1 Complete meet the angels

Meet the Angels in Disgaea 1 Complete Trailer

A zany journey of disloyal demons and punching-bag Prinnies? Hell, I’m in!

disgaea 1 complete

Disgaea 1 Complete Heading to PS4 on October 9

Complete. And then some.

disgaea 1 complete announcement

Laharl is Journeying to be the Demon Lord Again With the Disgaea Remake

Prinnies are back, d00d!