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dragon ball project z reveal

Here’s Your First Look at Dragon Ball Project Z

Never before have we seen Goku walking around so casually.

dragon ball fighterz fighterz pass 2

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s FighterZ Pass 2 is (Almost) Here!

The hype for the World Tour finals was too powerful to keep this trailer contained.

dragon ball fighterz world tour finals

Here’s the Rundown on This Weekend’s Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals

Will we see yet another Goku make an… Ultra Impact perhaps?

dragon ball video game

Dragon Ball Video Game Project Z Will Feature a ‘New and Nostalgic Dragon Ball World’

A twist on a classic, perhaps?

dragon ball fighterz jiren

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Next Fighter Has Been Teased

It’s totally Jiren.

dragon ball video game

A New Dragon Ball Action-RPG Is in the Works

Stay tuned to find out more.

dragon ball fighterz season 2

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Second Season Pass Will Be Revealed in Late January

Please, no more Goku and/or Vegeta variants.

dragon ball games super showcase

Get Ready for Some New Dragon Ball Game News

We’ll probably be seeing a lot of Broly content.

PSLS Game of the Year Awards 2018 Best Fighting Game

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Best Fighting Game Winner

Kick. Punch. Super move! Who wins?

ssgss gogeta dlc

More Movie Content Comes to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 With SSGSS Gogeta

The more blue haired monkey dudes, the better.

dragon ball fighterz update

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Newest Update Adds Custom Tournaments

Yes, there’s a Goku Black-only tournament.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Broly

Holiday Spirit and Broly’s Strength Overtake These Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Screenshots

Looking legendary.

Xenoverse 2 DLC

Prepare for Broly and the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Remember to eat your Bro-co-ly.

dragon ball fighterz deluxe edition

Check Out This PS4-Exclusive Dragon Ball FighterZ Collector’s Edition From Japan

Everything together in one big, happy package.

dragon ball fighterz sales numbers

Dragon Ball FighterZ Sales Numbers Top 3.5 Million

It’s a super saiyan seller.

dragon ball fighterz free update

Dragon Ball FighterZ Free Update Adds a New Stage and Halloween Items

Things are getting spooky!

dragon ball fighterz android 17 dlc

Android 17 Is the Next Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC

The whole Android crew can get back together again.

dragon ball xenoverse 2 dlc

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Extra Pack 3 Release Date Announced

Get ready for Super Baby Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Sales

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Series Sales Surpass 10 Million Worldwide

It’s all about the hairstyle and the screams.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tournament

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the Hottest Fighter at Evo 2018

Fight, fight, fight!