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dragon quest builders 2

People Can Start Building Up Islands in a Japanese Dragon Quest Builders 2 Demo in December

Ready your tools now.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Multiplayer Details Emerge

Builders gotta stick together.

dragon quest builders 2 us release date

Dragon Quest Builders 2 May Be Heading West in 2019

The builders prepare for their journey west.

dragon quest builders 2 release date

Koei Tecmo Is Helping With Dragon Quest Builders 2

It might actually be fun to fight this time!

dragon quest builders 2 event

The Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hype Train Is Now Boarding

Dragon Quest hype builders is more like it.

dragon quest builders 2 save import

Loyal Dragon Quest Builders Fans Get Bonus Content from Save Imports to DQB2

More Dragon Quest Builders 2 rewards for loyal fans!

Dragon Quest Builders Switch

Here’s How Dragon Quest Builders Switch Compares to the PS4 Version

Take a look at its frame rate, and more!

Square Enix Thinks Final Fantasy Is More Popular Than Dragon Quest in the West Because of Historical Timing

The art style is also highlighted as a potential reason.

Here’s a List of Tsutaya Japan’s Best-Selling Games of 2016

Japan really liked Battlefield 1.

Dragon Quest Builders Director Addresses Sequel Chatter

Koei Tecmo Games Director also hints at possibility of Dragon Quest Heroes III.

Dragon Quest Builders Switch

Dragon Quest Builders Sells Over 1.1 Million Units Worldwide

Japan gets Ultimate Hits version as well.

PlayStation Releases and PSN Store Must Buys for October 11-October 18, 2016

A special anniversary and the dawn of something new.

Dragon Quest Builders live stream

Dragon Quest Builders Live Stream, Watch Us Playing Right Now

Watch us build something, will ya?

Dragon Quest Builders Switch

Dragon Quest Builders Review – a DQConstruction (PS4)

I might have gotten into Minecraft if it was like this.

Dragon Quest Builders Demo Now Available for PS4 & PS Vita in North America and Europe

Learn about becoming a legendary builder in the new trailer.

Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian Among Winners of Japan Game Awards 2016

Splatoon took GOTY.

New Dragon Quest Builders Trailer Reveals There Are Three Reasons to Build

What exactly is Dragon Quest Builders, anyhow?

Dragon Quest Builders Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

PS Store, Amazon and more.

PAX West

Square Enix Announces PAX West Lineup, Includes FFXV, Rise of the Tomb Raider, World of Final Fantasy, More

Lots of Final Fantasy at this show.