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Mass Effect Andromeda DLC

Unlike Anthem, Mass Effect: Andromeda Wasn’t Built to Support Post-Launch DLC

Because Anthem is a live-service game, BioWare is afforded new opportunities.

NBA 2K19 Release Date

You Can Get the NBA 2K19 Standard Edition Early With GameStop

This applied to the 20th Anniversary Edition as well.

nhl 19 ps4 bundle

NHL 19 Is Getting a Special PS4 Bundle in Canada

Hockey’s a big deal up there.

anthem game confusion

BioWare Dev Clears Up Confusion on Anthem Influencing Dragon Age and Mass Effect

Anthem will influence BioWare’s beloved RPGs in game design alone.

anthem full game

Producer Says Anthem Will Feel ‘Complete From Day One’

Players need to have a reason to stick around after day one.

NBA 2K19 Microtransactions

NBA 2K19 Senior Producer Addresses Microtransaction Issues

“VC is an unfortunate reality of modern gaming.”

this is battlefield 5 video

This Is Battlefield V Video Details Battle Royale and More

Firestorm, free DLC, scooting backwards and shooting, you know, all the important stuff.

anthem content plan

BioWare’s Anthem Strategy Could Impact Mass Effect and Dragon Age

BioWare is looking ahead as it crafts its Anthem strategy.

road to battlefield 5

The Road to Battlefield V is Paved with Free Stuff

Sad about the delay? Here’s more free stuff.

anthem dialogue choices

Anthem’s Conversation System Features Two Dialogue Choices

BioWare’s venturing into a new genre means the dialogue wheel is set aside.

anthem story dlc

Anthem’s Story DLC Will Be Free for All Players

They don’t want to divide players.

anthem demo

Anthem Gets Public Demo Release Date and New Trailer Showcasing Its Dynamic World

See how personal stories are told within the game’s world.

madden shooting

Madden NFL Tournament Shooting Survivor Sues EA and Event Venue Among Others

Jacob Mitich was shot twice but survived.

Battlefield V Open Beta

Here’s Everything You Can Expect in the Battlefield V Open Beta

A lot of information, as condensed as possible.

bioware anthem game

Game Director Calls Anthem an ‘Evolution’ of BioWare’s Craft

It’s not a departure by any means.

NBA 2k 19 The Neighborhood

NBA 2K19’s The Neighborhood Showcases Streetball and Its Culture

Streetball is life.

battlefield 5 delayed

Battlefield V Marches to November 2018

Mayday! Mayday! Actually, it doesn’t sound too bad.

EA Jacksonville Tribute

EA Contributes $1m to Jacksonville Shooting Victims and Launches Tribute Fund and Livestream

The Tribute Livestream is set for September 6, 2018.

battlefront 2 update

Star Wars Battlefront II Roadmap Updated, New Heroes and Mode Coming Later this Year

New content coming!