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Street Fighter V Juri DLC Expected to Arrive in Late July

A pocket of fans label Pro Tour DLC a rip-off.

Street Fighter V update 1.18

Huge List of Bug Fixes for Street Fighter V Story Mode

Right before EVO 2016 too. That won’t spell disaster.

ESPN Will Air Street Fighter V Finals From Evo 2016 Tournament

Giving eSports a fighting chance.

Capcom and Evo Pull Player From 2016 Tour Following Sexual Harassment

“Harassment will continue to have a zero tolerance policy at Combo Breaker events.”

Tekken 7 Trailer Welcomes Back Nina Williams as Evo 2016 Dates and Lineup Confirmed

Evo 2016, abbreviated: SFV, SSBM, SSB4, MKX, GGXrd, KI, UMvC3, Pokken, T7FR.