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Fend Off Highwaymen in Far Cry New Dawn’s Lush World

A standalone sequel to Far Cry 5.

far cry new dawn the game awards

Far Cry: New Dawn Releasing in February, Direct Sequel to Ending of Far Cry 5

What happens after the nukes fall?

far cry announcement

Ubisoft May Announce a Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry Spinoff During The Game Awards 2018

A ruined surprise, indeed.

far cry arcade update

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Is Coming to Far Cry Arcade

The Blood Dragon is here.

far cry 5 tech

Here’s How Far Cry 5 Stays So Pretty

So Far Cry 5 is basically Groundhog Day, but way more violent. Got it.

Dead Living Zombies Trophy Guide

Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies Trophy Guide

Dead tired of hunting for these trophies? Never fear, our Trophy Guide is here!

Far Cry 5 Zombie DLC

Dead Living Zombies Invading Far Cry 5 Right Now

Zombies invade… they just love to invade a lot.

far cry 5 zombies

Zombies Are Coming to Far Cry 5 (Kind Of)


Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars Trophy Guide

Be lost on Mars, but not lost getting the Trophies.

Far Cry 5 DLC arrives today

Ubisoft Reminds You To Kill Alien Spiders on Mars in Far Cry 5 DLC

Killing alien spiders? Sure, I’m in.

Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars gets release date

Far Cry 5 DLC Arrives in 7 Days, Time to Kill Alien Spiders on Mars

Killing alien spiders on Mars… I’m in!

Far Cry 5 Patch Notes released

Take Lovely Snapshots of Montana in Far Cry 5 Photo Mode, Latest Update Patch Notes Released

Happy snaps. Bang, bang, and then some more happy snaps.

Hours of Darkness DLC

Far Cry 5’s ‘Hours of Darkness’ DLC Now Available

Looks like we’re going back in time.

far cry 5 hours of darkness

Far Cry 5’s First DLC Launches in June, Takes Players to Vietnam

Rescue your squad mates by any means necessary.

far cry 5 first week

Far Cry 5 Had an Amazing First Week with Sales Topping $310 Million

Ubisoft losing the money game is a far, far cry.

God of war sales

UK Sales Chart: God of War Takes Top Spot Again, Far Cry 5 Falls to Third

Will it keep selling well?

god of war sales

UK Sales Chart: God of War Takes Top Spot, Far Cry 5 Slots Into Second

Kratos is at the top!

fortnite success

Fortnite is Now the Biggest F2P Console Game of All Time

It has generated $223 million across all platforms!

far cry 5 sales

NPD: Far Cry 5 Sales Make it Best Selling Game of 2018 So Far

Record highs for the Far Cry series.

Far Cry 5 ending 2

Far Cry 5 is a Masterclass in Player Conditioning: We Didn’t Play the Game, the Game Played Us

Like BioShock before it, we have to wonder if control was ever really ours.