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Why The Far Cry 5 Season Pass is the Perfect Single-Player Game Add-On

Get a complete game and your bonus experiences too.

uncharted series

Uncharted 4 Nominated By Writer’s Guild for “Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Writing”

Infinite Warfare also made the cut.

7th Annual Canadian Video Game Awards Winners Include Deus Ex, Severed

Rise of the Tomb Raider won Best International Game.

The Division 2 Announced

The Division Is the #1 Best-Selling Game So Far in 2016 in the US & Europe

And Far Cry Primal is in the top 10.

10 Open World Games That Will Drive Your OCD Crazy

These games are just the worst.

Ubisoft Financials: The Division Has 9.5 Million Players, Far Cry Primal Set a Sales Record

Ubisoft had three of the best-selling games in Q1 2016.

Ubisoft Dominates UK Retail in March With The Division and Far Cry Primal

EA was the second big player.

Japanese Sales Chart: Far Cry Primal Debuts in 3rd, Star Ocean Drops to 6th

There’s an Xbox One game in the top 20!

Far Cry Primal Update 1.03 Adds Survivor Mode, Improves Performance

See all the changes.

Far Cry Primal Update on April 12 Adds Survivor Mode, Which Includes Permadeath

Learn about all the changes.

Far Cry Primal Update 1.02 Today Improves Performance, Adds Option to Disable HUD

You can remove enemies from the minimap as well.

February 2016 NPD: Far Cry Primal Debuts in 1st, Street Fighter V Places in 7th

Naruto does quite well on PS4.

UK Sales Chart: Far Cry Primal Fends off Twilight Princess HD to Remain at #1

The Heavy Rain & Beyond Two Souls Collection debuts in 8th.

Far Cry Primal Trophy Guide

Primal glory!

UK Sales Chart: Far Cry Primal Outperforms Garden Warfare 2 to Debut in 1st

Street Fighter V drops to 10th in its second week.

Spoiler Alert – Far Cry Primal Endings and Post-Credits Scene

The final chapter in the beginning of man.

Far Cry Primal Flintstones Car Easter Egg Discovered


Conan O’Brien Plays Far Cry Primal With PewDiePie

Perverted badger sidekick included.

Quick Tips – Far Cry Primal

Optimum primal carnage.

Far Cry Primal Trophy List Emerges Ahead of Launch

So you want to become the Apex Predator?