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Rumor: Dishonored: Definitive Edition, Final Fantasy Type-0 on PSP, and More Rated in Brazil

Final Fantasy Type-0 for PSP?

4 New PS4 Games Sony Hopes Will Succeed This Week; Type-0 HD Wasn’t Hot Enough

These games, in particular, Sony would like to see high numbers for next week.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Was Almost Cancelled, Says Director

“We actually came really close”

Why Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is Current-Gen Exclusive (The Real Reason)

It’s not Tabata’s eyes.

Hajime Tabata Reveals the Origin of the Name Final Fantasy Type-0

Originally called Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

PAX East 2015 — Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Hands-On Preview (PS4)

Is it going to be worth that $60?

Type-0 HD Takes Final Fantasy Into Rated-M Territory, Trailer Includes Bump of Chicken


Final Fantasy Type-0 “HD” TGS Hands-On – Jaggity Jag Jaggaroo

Gonna put someone’s eye out with those things.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Story Stems From Director’s Love of History

Making history!

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Vita Version Was Considered, Director Felt a Bigger Screen Was More Appropriate

Final Fantasy XV development is being prioritized over Final Fantasy Type-0 HD by Tabata.

Final Fantasy Type-0 English Fan Translation Patch Pulled After Alleged Threats From Square Enix

The patch was due to release on August 8.

The Best of the PSP – It’s Been a Good Run

We say goodbye to the PlayStation Portable

Square Enix Director Hopes Final Fantasy Type-O Will Release in the West Through the PSN

The more RPGs the merrier.

[Update: Hoax] Voice Actor Hints At Localization of Final Fantasy Type-0

Voice Actor Steve Blum has let slip that he is working on a new Final Fantasy, possibly Final Fantasy Type-0.

Type-0-Negative Feedback May Lead to Delayed Fantasy

Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata, currently overseeing Final Fantasy Type-0, recently posted thisRead the full article…

Wanna Play Final Fantasy Type-0? Here You Go

Earlier today, Square Enix made good on its promise to launch aRead the full article…

Final Fantasy Type-0 Getting the Demo Treatment

Final Fantasy Agito XIII Type-0 is slowly nearing its October release dateRead the full article…

Final Fantasy Type-0 Preemtively Strikes with New Screenshots

Today, that media comes in the form of 54 brand new, very slick looking screenshots for the upcoming PSP title.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Media Explosion, Status Update

According to director Hajime Tabata, who posted on the game’s official development blog, the game is near competition with only tuning and debugging left to do.

Set Your Eyes on Multiple Type-0 Gameplay Videos

Square Enix recently held a Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy battle tournament in Japan, but it was not the actual tournament that has us so pumped up. At the end of this, attendees were shown a twenty minute live demonstration of the upcoming Final Fantasy Type-0.