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new character kamlanaut

Final Fantasy XI’s Kam’lanaut Joins the Dissidia NT Roster

If you know who this is, you’re probably excited to see him.

Final Fantasy XI Servers Now Offline for Consoles

You can still play on PC, though!

Best Video Game Podcast Top SEO Search Result Ep 18: Whatchu Playing (March 2016)

We discuss 4 PlayStation RPGs, some new and some old.

Final Fantasy XI PS2 Continues Through 2016; Mobile Version/App Announced

One last bit of new content coming.

Final Fantasy XI Press Conference Being Held This Week, Will Discuss MMO’s Future

Some sort of revitalization? Or is Square Enix shutting it down?

PSOne Classics That Still Hold Up Today

These oldies still rock.

Robust Vita Specs Offer MMO Potential, Final Fantasy XI Emanates

The PlayStation Vita was perhaps the biggest surprise at this year’s E3,Read the full article…

Square Enix MMO Servers Back Online

Square Enix’s two biggest MMORPGs, Final Fantasy XI (available for PC, PlayStationRead the full article…

Square Enix Continues Support for Final Fantasy XI Online

Final Fantasy XI might be near a decade old, but that doesn’tRead the full article…

This Week in PlayStation – May 21st

This Week in PlayStation for May 15th to May 21st.

This Week in PlayStation – March 5th

A common stereotype about gamers is their short attention span. As announcementsRead the full article…

Square Enix Sued Over Their Fantasy

According to court documents, a class action lawsuit has been taken upRead the full article…

Final Fantasy XI Coming to PS3

Final Fantasy XI, also known as Final Fantasy XI Online, is comingRead the full article…