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Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Multi-Part Structure to Be More Like Final Fantasy XIII Than an Episodic Series

“One part should be on par with the scale of one Final Fantasy XIII game.”

Report: PlayStation Now Pricing Added to the Beta, Some Games Costs up to $29.99

Hopefully they’re adjusted lower once the Open Beta begins.

Lightning Gets New, Edgier Look in Upcoming FFXIII Title

What’s a Final Fantasy game without flashy new outfits?

Square Enix Online Store Running a 50% off Holiday Sale, Includes Games From PS1 to the PS Vita

I dare you to read the games on sale and not get nostalgic.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Announced, 2013 Release

Probably their most-requested game.

Square Enix Launches New FFXIII Twitter Account “Lightning Room”

Taking Lightning in a new direction.

Square Enix Launches Teaser Site for Final Fantasy XIII Event

All this just to announce FFXIII-3? I sure hope not.

North American Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Event to be Held at PAX Prime

Get ready for Final Fantasy XIII-3.

DualShock & Awe #12 – Skyrim Fail, More FFXIII?!

Time for the latest episode of DualShock & Awe, the official podcast for PlayStation Lifestyle! We’ve got Skyrim fails, psychic cats, & more!

Square Enix Shares Reasons Behind Producing Questionable Final Fantasy XIII Sequel

Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s existence has been in question since its announcement, mostlyRead the full article…

Square Enix Regrets Final Fantasy XIII’s Long Development Cycle, Won’t Happen Again

If there’s one thing this generation of gaming has been, it’d haveRead the full article…

Potential Final Fantasy XIII Sequel Materializes from Domain Registry

A recent domain spotting by superannuation is making it look very likely that Final Fantasy XIII will be seeing a sequel.

Buy Awesome Swag, Give to Charity

GamesAid, a UK based charity for children and young people is auctioning off both Final Fantasy XIII and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Square Hints at Sequel to FFXIII, Talks Canceled DLC

Final Fantasy XIII’s ‘Ultimania Omega’ was just released in Japan and withRead the full article…

Final Fantasy XIII No Longer PS3 Exclusive in Japan

The big stunner at the 2008 E3 Microsoft press conference announcement thatRead the full article…

Final Fantasy XIII 360 Ad Using PS3 Footage, Gets Banned

Final Fantasy XIII has been out since March now (December if youRead the full article…

Final Fantasy XIII Going Multiplatform…Again?

When Square Enix decided to announce that Final Fantasy XIII was goingRead the full article…

Square Enix Acknowledges FFXIII Disappointment

Some gamers would consider Square Enix a falling giant since the mergerRead the full article…

Grab Final Fantasy XIII For An Unmissable Price

Are you not one of those out of the 5 million+ gamersRead the full article…

Heavy Rain Pouring it on the Competition

Heavy Rain has been considered somewhat of a gamble by developer Quantic Dream and publisher Sony since it was first announced. The gamble here was that the game would not find enough of an audience and that poor sales would be its downfall.