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PlayStation Europe Explains Why They’ve Removed Prices From Blog Posts

It took effect last week.

Sony Fixes PlayStation Plus Issue in Europe With History: Legends of War

PSP version was mistakenly included.

January 2016 PlayStation Plus Announcement Scheduled for Next Week

There won’t be another PlayStation Store update this year.

Black Friday PSN Flash Sale Confirmed, December 2015 PlayStation Plus Announcement Soon

PS+ news will come between November 25 – December 1.

Sony on gamescom 2015: No Streams Planned, “Some Good Stuff” From Third Party Partners

Bigger presence is coming at Paris Games Week in October.

PlayStation Plus Free Games in Europe Now Go Live On the First Tuesday of Each Month

Europe gets the July free games on Tuesday, July 7.

March 2015 PlayStation Plus Free Games Announcement Isn’t Ready Yet, May Not Happen Until Next Week

They’re working to get it to us as soon as possible.

Next PS4 Firmware Update is “Not Too Far Out,” Says Sony

Right around the corner, maybe?

PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 “Just Round the Corner,” But Not Before DriveClub

No plans for a ‘PlayStation Plus Lite.’

October 2014 PlayStation Plus Free Games Announcement Expected on October 1 (Update)

Looks like Europeans will have to wait an extra week for their games.

PlayStation: “Lots of Good Stuff Planned” for gamescom 2014 (Update)

gamescom 2014 starts in just over a week!

PS4 Firmware Update News “Very Soon,” August 2014 PlayStation Plus Free Games Reveal Next Week (Update)

“Should be something for everyone” in August.

PS Europe: No Upgrade Discount for The Last of Us PS4, Multiplayer Still Censored (Update)

Check out some PS4 screenshots and a TV spot.

Sony on PS4 Apps at European Launch: “There Will be a Range of Services Available”

We shouldn’t expect to hear about replacement PS Vita games in the Instant Game Collection next week.

The Walking Dead Vita Coming to Europe This Week, Ratchet: Gladiator HD This Month

The Walking Dead PS Vita out September 4th in Europe.

PlayStation Store Summer Sale 2013 Starts at the end of July in Europe, Grand Theft Auto V Day 1 Digital Status Unclear

Timesplitters 1, 2, 3 on the PSN? “I’ve got no news on whether they’re in the pipeline.”