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Valve Explains Current Disinterest in Console Market

Valve doesn’t like when “someone is trying to insert a lot of process between us and our customers.”

Valve Speaks Out Against Platform-Exclusive VR Games, Willing to Support Devs to Avoid Exclusivity

There are a lot of new developers taking risks.

Steam Machines Outmatch PS4, Xbox One in Power and Value, According to Gabe Newell

Let Them Fight.

Best Sony E3 Moments: PS4 No DRM, Original PlayStation, and Much More

Like a handful of jelly beans, there’s intense joy and life-scarring disappointment all in the same place. Are you ready for these?

Portal 2 Now One of the Most Successful Valve Games Ever with 3 Million Sold

The sequel to one of the most original puzzle games of ourRead the full article…

Portal 2 Development Completed Says Newell

Although Portal 2 won’t be making holes in walls till mid-April, acclaimedRead the full article…

Valve Sings Very Different Song, Praises PSN, Calls XBL “Train Wreck”

Gabe Newell and the team over at Valve seem to have hadRead the full article…

Portal 2 Screenshots Preview the Other Side

Portal 2 is considered by many who paid attention to E3 asRead the full article…

Valve Has Big Surprises Ready for the New Year

Gabe Newell, head honcho over at Valve, has admitted to being fairlyRead the full article…

No Half-Life Film Unless Valve Controls Direction, Says Newell

Ever since the first entry, countless gamers have wondered and considered the possibility of a movie being based on Valve’s hit gaming series, Half-Life.

Portal 2 Gameplay Clips Will Warp Your Senses

In an effort to bring more attention the already hyped Portal 2, Valve has been releasing gameplay clips that demonstrate just how far they are willing to take this challenge. And believe me, it’s one heck of ride.

Portal 2 Introduces “Wheatley”

In a surprise announcement at E3, Gabe Newell shocked the world withRead the full article…

New Portal 2 Screenshots Creates a Hole

What was one of the, if not the biggest announcements of Sony’s E3 press conference? Gabe Newell coming out and announcing Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3. For fans of the game, you’ll be happy to know that some new screenshots of the game have been released.

Sony Steals E3 Thunder in Style

Sony went all out during their E3 conference. Not only did exclusivesRead the full article…

This IS a Triumph: Valve’s Redemption to Sony

Valve’s Gabe Newell eats a slice of humble pie…

PORTAL 2 Announced For The PlayStation 3, Gabe Confirms Steam Support

In what is probably the biggest surprise in recent times, Gabe Newell has announced PORTAL 2 for the PlayStation 3. Yes, the Gabe Newell from Valve.

2010 GDC Awards Ceremony Outlined

The 2010 Game Developers Choice Awards, the highest honors in video gameRead the full article…

Gabe Newell Apologizes to PS3 Owners

All PlayStation owners know about Gabe Newell, who has publicly addressed hisRead the full article…

Valve is Searching for Change in the Sofa

The Managing Director of Valve, Gabe Newell, was recently interviewed and sharedRead the full article…

Strong Sales Might Have Piqued Valve’s Interest

Gabe Newell hates the PS3. That is not news to anyone. WhatRead the full article…