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God Eater 3 release date

God Eater 3 Bites Into 2019 With an Official Western Release Date

“Rise above a world of desolation.”

god eater 3 assault subjugation

God Eater 3 Has a New 8-Player Multiplayer Mode

That’s a lot of god-eating.

god eater 3 action demo

Limited-Time God Eater 3 Demo Now Available on Japanese PSN

Try it quick, if you can.

god eater 3 dual audio

God Eater 3 Brings Dual Audio to the Series

Hooray for extra disc space!

god eater 3 release window

Gods Eater 3 Sets Its Sights on Early 2019

Haven’t you heard? Gods are delicious.

new god eater 3 character

New God Eater 3 Character, Abilities Detailed by Bandai Namco

Aragami sounds like evil pasta.

God Eater 3 gameplay videos

Watch the Gameplay Videos of God Eater 3’s New Weapons Being Tested Against New Aragami Monsters

Swords that can be conjoined and Moon that can turn into an axe.

God Eater 3 developer partner is Marvelous First Studio

God Eater 3 Has a New Development Partner in Marvelous’ First Studio

Shift is no longer involved here.

new god eater 3 info habakiri

God Eater 3 Introduces Another New God Arc and Aragami

God, this game takes so long to release, it’s making us hungry!

god eater 3 info featured

God Eater 3: An In-depth Look with New Information Revealed

Edgy people unite! A new threat looms, and we need the power of bad-ass fighting styles to combat it!

God Eater 3 live stream after trial session

Bandai Namco to Have New God Eater 3 Live Stream After Holding Trial Session in Japan

More lucky people in Japan will get to try it first-hand.

god eater 3 gameplay trailer

The Latest God Eater 3 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off New God Eaters

Adaptive god eaters, new god arcs, and more.

God Eater 3 Biting Edge

Learn More About God Eater 3’s New Weapons Biting Edge and Ray Gun

So very edgy.

God Eater 3 PS4 confirmed - Hugo Pennywort

God Eater 3 is Confirmed Getting Released on PlayStation 4, World Premiere Gameplay Footage Also Shown

Hunting in the wasteland.

God Eater 8th anniversary live stream

Don’t Miss the New God Eater 3 Information at God Eater 8th Anniversary Live Stream Tomorrow

It’s about time we get some new info on the game.

God Eater 3 Gameplay

God Eater 3 Will be Coming to the PS4, According to Bandai Namco Korea

It’s finally confirmed for PS4!

God Eater 3 Gameplay

New God Eater 3 Gameplay Details Revealed

Tons of new info!

God Eater 3 Gameplay

First Gameplay Screenshots of God Eater 3 Revealed

Come take a look at some God Eaters.

God Eater 3 gameplay

Read How God Eater 3’s Gameplay & Settings Will Drastically Change

A lot of things will have changed from GE2 Rage Burst.

god eater 3

New God Eater Project Officially Called God Eater 3, Here’s an Announcement Trailer (Update)

Originally teased at last year’s TGS.