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God of War sequel hinted again

God of War Sequel Hints Continue, Barlog Talks Choices

Yes, more Kratos, please!

God of War Sequel talk

God of War Sequel Will Be ‘Bigger, Better, Longer’

God of War 2, eh? I’m sold already.

What Kratos needs

What Kratos Needs to Become Nathan Drake

As Kratos enters a different chapter of his tormented life, can he develop into a more rounded figure and possibly even take a leaf out of Nathan Drake’s book?

god of war microtransactions

God of War Devs Previously Discussed Moving Kratos to Christian Beliefs

Jaffe planted a lot of seeds in the original games.

Ranking the Best and Worst of the God of War Series

What’s your favorite?

PS2 Turns 15: The Best Games Ever Released for the Iconic Console

Happy 15th birthday, PS2!

PlayStation Now Subscription Adds Uncharted 2, God of War 2 HD & More in February 2015

More titles will be added each month.

The 34 ‘Offensive’ God of War Trophies That Haven’t Been Changed

If Blue Balls or Breaking Wind make you uncomfortable, turn back now!

500GB Garnet Red PS3 With all God of War Games Ascends to North America on March 12th

Make sure you play them chronologically.

Ask PSLS: What’s Your Most Memorable PS2 Game?

Got any burning questions for the PSLS staff? Ask them inside.